June 2012 - Wall Street Sector Selector

Our goal is to help investors bank consistent profits with our professional, turnkey trading systems that tap into the awesome power of Sector Rotation and Exchange Traded Funds. Here are a few select comments from satisfied members of the WSSS family:

"It’s been great following your system through these crazy times."
B.G., Florida

"Best sector rotation trading system I've found anywhere"
L.S., Oregon

  • Dead End For Europe?

    Thursday’s summit could be the end of the road for Europe. Thursday’s and Friday’s European summit in Brussels will be another pivotal event in the ongoing debt crisis as leaders try to get a handle on the rapidly deteriorating situation...
  • A Chat With Barron's Steven M. Sears: The Indomitable Investor

    Do the opposite of what Wall Street tells you to do. A new book, The Indomitable Investor, from Barron’s columnist Steven M. Sears, reveals how top investors and traders think and details a new approach to investing designed to improve returns and...
  • Here Comes G-Day!

    June, 2012, marks another epic battle for the future of Europe. Last week the world remembered the Allied invasion known as D-Day that began at 0630 on June 6, 1944, when the largest amphibious invasion in history came ashore on the beaches of Normandy...
  • Crunch Time For Spain, Europe, U.S. Stocks

    After a bruising week, it is now crunch time for Spain, Europe, Greece and the U.S. stock market. Global stock markets were hammered last week and for May as negative fundamental factors and ugly technical indicators rattled investors around the world...