January 2009 - Wall Street Sector Selector

Our goal is to help investors bank consistent profits with our professional, turnkey trading systems that tap into the awesome power of Sector Rotation and Exchange Traded Funds. Here are a few select comments from satisfied members of the WSSS family:

"It’s been great following your system through these crazy times."
B.G., Florida

"Best sector rotation trading system I've found anywhere"
L.S., Oregon

  • A Critical Week Ahead

    A Critical Week Ahead We made some progress this week with the Standard Portfolio gaining approximately +2% and the Ultra declining -0.5% while the S&P declined -2.1%. The market continues struggling along the 8,000 level on the Dow and 800 on the...
  • A Rough Start

    Green Flag Flying We expect higher prices ahead The markets continued their retracement back to the bottom of the recent trading range we've been in, and 8,000 on the Dow seems to be a solid floor with 9,000 at the top. This is the range we've...