November 2011 - Thoughts From The Frontline

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Thoughts From The Frontline

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    • Changing the Rules in the Middle of the Game

      Angela Merkel is leading the call for a rule change, a rewiring of the basic treaty that binds the EU. But is it both too much and too late? The market action suggests that time is indeed running out, and so we’ll look at the likely consequences. Then I glance over the other way and take notice of news out of China that may be of import. Plus a few links for your weekend listening“pleasure.” There is lots to cover, so let’s get started.

    • Print or Perish

      Europe is again at center stage. At conferences and meetings and in private conversations, it is the topic of the hour. I have thought a lot this week about Europe and its impact, so once again we delve into what is an evolving situation. This time, we look at possible impacts on the markets, as we ponder the questions,“Are we back to 2008?” and “Is there a Lehman in our future?” and I try once again to keep from making this a book-length letter. And I close with some brief thoughts I brought back from DC on the Super Committee and the deficit cuts.

    • Where is the ECB Printing Press?

      Where Can I Find €3 Trillion?
      When Leverage Comes Back to Haunt You
      The German Dilemma
      So How Do We Solve the Eurozone Problem?
      Where Is the ECB Printing Press?
      DC, Cleveland, and New York

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    • Where Will the Jobs Come From?

      Where Will the Jobs Come From?
      Stupid Government Tricks
      Let’s Tax the Millionaires
      Kilkenny, Atlanta, DC, and Home