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  • I Wish I Knew What Was Going To Be On The Other Side

    In This Issue:

    An Update on Our Performance
    The Great Inflation/Deflation Debate
    Is Inflation Causing a Rippling Effect?
    Getting Real on Inflation...
    Paper Money Siren Song
    Fiat Money Time-bomb?
    Portfolio Performance Analysis
    The Idaho Back Country

    Over the next 20 years, you are going to see significant changes in how we function as a nation.  With our back up against the wall, it won't be business as usual for the foreseeable future.  I am not sure how it will end, but I am fairly certain that the reset button will be hit.  I just wish I knew what was going to be on the other side.

  • Why Flat Is The New Up

    In This Issue:

    An Update on Our Performance
    A Revealing Voice from 1938
    Paying the Presumptuous Piper
    Misery Loves Company
    Pertinent Facts
    Government-Induced Portfolio Pain
    Les (Tax) Miserables
    The Bad Dreams of Our Forefathers
    Portfolio Performance Analysis
    4.6 Pounds and Counting

    Most everyone has read or watched movies about the Roaring Twenties in America.  In hindsight, it looked much like the 90s.  If you could go back in time and interview a few people, what do you think their opinions would have been about the future?  If you conducted the same interviews in 1935, their opinions would have certainly changed, but their points of historical reference would have still been based on the Roaring Twenties and this point of reference would have positively skewed their forecast about the future.