February 2010 - ProfitScore IQ

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    In This Issue:


    Our Monthly Performance Update
    My Decision on Buying My Next House
    Cocaine, Profits & Your Brain
    Top Ten List of Risks to Watch Out For
    Interesting Stories 
    Portfolio Performance Analysis
    Basketball, Dancing and Mom's Scavenger Hunt

    In this letter, I have produced my top 10 list of risks I see in the immediate future.  Several months ago, Greece would have been lower on my list.  However, economic conditions are very fluid and seem to be changing at increasing speeds.  I will also discuss my decision on when I plan to buy my next house.  For those not familiar with my housing saga, I sold my house in May, 2006 because I fortunately saw this housing crisis approaching.  I have been renting a home since then, and now my rental contract is due for renewal in March, so I need to decide whether to buy a house or continue to rent.  I'll outline my research on this decision.