February 2009 - ProfitScore IQ

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  • Here Is My Secret for Outperforming the Market

    In This Issue:
    An Update on Our Performance
    A New Discovery
    Evaluating Our Great Recession
    U.S. Markets - The Lost Decade
    How Did Your Money Manager Perform?
    My Secret for Outperforming the Market
    Putting the Odds in Your Favor
    Constructing Your Portfolio
    Portfolio Performance Analysis
    Dancing with My Daughters and Hitting the Slopes

    What will happen to the markets in 2009? I am projecting more of the same, but with less relative downside risk. Volatility will ebb and flow for the next 18 months, as the market searches for the bottom. The current corporate earnings are worse than terrible, causing the overall market fundamental valuations to be very expensive! You are going to hear of a lot of talk about the market bottoming out in 2009. That would be good for all of us if it did, but I think any rallies will be short lived, and that the ultimate bottom will not occur until the summer 2010. I hope I am wrong.