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  • Doom and Gloom Crowd Missed It Again – The AIA Advocate Newsletter

    In This Issue: Stocks Are Off To A Good Start The Recovery Continues To Gain Momentum Black Gold And Golden Grain May Be Black Swans TIPS Look Good Again The Bottom Line Last year turned out to be better for both the economy and the stock market than...
  • A Second Nip From A Double Dip – The AIA Advocate Newsletter Week of 8/26/2010

    In This Issue:

    A Second Nip From A Double Dip
    Bonds Are Soaring, But Could Be A Bubble
    Blue Chip Discounts May Not Last Long
    Two Bond Substitutes Look Especially Good
    True Cash Returns Are Higher Than They Appear
    The Bottom Line

    Since our last newsletter in July, the economy signaled that it may not be doing as well as it was earlier in the year. The employment rate is failing to improve, consumer confidence is slipping, retailers are singing the blues, many manufacturers are reporting fewer orders, and July home sales plunged a disturbing 27%.

    As a result, many analysts are beginning to think the economy may be heading for another leg down – the dreaded “double dip.” If so, many stock prices have been pushed too high. Accordingly, investors have been pressing Wall Street’s down button of late. Since July 29, the Dow and the Nasdaq declined 3.9% and 4.9% respectively.

  • Association for Investor Awareness - Week of 04/29/2010

    Special Report
    Protect Your Stocks
    From A Correction

    In This Issue:

    A Stock Market Downturn Is Overdue
    Stop-Loss Orders Can Save A Portfolio
    Safeguard Your Blue Chips With LEAPS
    Some Funds Go Up During Downturns
    We Don't Recommend Short Sales
    An All-Weather Fund For Cautious Investors
    The Bottom Line This Week

    Since the bull market started last March 9, the stock market has been on a tear. For the 13 month period, the Dow rose 68.7% and the Nasdaq shot ahead 94.8%. After the unpleasant losses investors endured from late 2007 to early 2009, the rebound was especially sweet.

    Although we think the bull market has further to go, we also think the near-term downside risks are becoming significant. Consequently, we are devoting this issue of the AIA Advocate to strategies that you can use to protect your portfolio while remaining invested for whatever additional profits are on the way.

  • Association for Investor Awareness - Week of 12/11/2008

    In This Issue:

    The Long-Awaited Bear Rally May Be Starting
    Although Weak, Some Hopeful Economic Signs Are Emerging
    Credit Is Slowly Opening Up Again
    If Fear Subsides, The Outlook Will Improve Immediately
    A Recovery Will Bring Unwelcome Inflation
    The Bottom Line This Week

    As we reported in our previous issue, the sharp stock market advance over the Thanksgiving holiday came to a crashing end on December 1. However, prices have been stronger since then. Although the gains weren't enough to fully erase the earlier plunge, the Dow and the Nasdaq managed to end last week down just 2.2% and 1.7% respectively. From Monday to Wednesday of the current week, the market managed to make some additional gains.

    It's significant that the price increases occurred while more bad economic news was breaking. A manufacturing decline, an auto sales plunge, and more job losses should have pushed stocks down several more notches. The fact that investors largely ignored the negatives may indicate that the bear market is close to a bottom.