September 2009 - AIA Advocate for Absolute Returns

The AIA "Advocate For Absolute Returns", an on-line publication of The Association for Investor Awareness, Inc., tracks market trends, industry news, the SEC, global trade and finance and Washington developments for you because they affect your investments. But who doesn't? Many sources simply report these issues as abstract facts.

We feel that's not enough. The AIA Advocate's job is to warn you of what's important and how these developments translate to ground-level forces and threats that directly affect your wealth as well as your current investment opportunities. Not just information, but information you can use. Until next time…

  • Association for Investor Awareness - Week of 09/24/2009

    In This Issue:

    Will The Right Fundamentals Please Stand Up?
    The "Uncle Sam Effect"
    Small Investors Are Coming Back To Stocks
    Inflation Fears Are Increasing
    First Some Bad News, Then Some Good News
    Easy Index Gains May Be Over
    These Four Favorites Should Stay On Top
    And So Should China
    The Bottom Line This Week

    Despite all the worries about overvalued stocks, the market is continuing to advance. To be sure, the gains aren't coming by leaps and bounds anymore - but they are still adding up nicely. Since our last newsletter, the Dow and the Nasdaq rose another 1.8% and 5.1% respectively.

    Will The Right Fundamentals Please Stand Up?

    When it comes to stock fundamentals, value is in the eye of the beholder. Traditionalists believe the market is too expensive for the weak economic recovery they expect to see. The analysts argue that the economy may take over a year to justify the whopping 46% gain in the Dow since March. Some analysts think the recovery will never gain the necessary strength.