March 2009 - AIA Advocate for Absolute Returns

The AIA "Advocate For Absolute Returns", an on-line publication of The Association for Investor Awareness, Inc., tracks market trends, industry news, the SEC, global trade and finance and Washington developments for you because they affect your investments. But who doesn't? Many sources simply report these issues as abstract facts.

We feel that's not enough. The AIA Advocate's job is to warn you of what's important and how these developments translate to ground-level forces and threats that directly affect your wealth as well as your current investment opportunities. Not just information, but information you can use. Until next time…

  • Association for Investor Awareness - Week of 03/26/2009

    In This Issue:

    Banks And Auto Stocks Led The Way Down, And Now Up
    Yes, The Rebound Could Be Another Bear Trap
    If There Ever Was A Time To Use Stops, It’s Now!
    In Many Cities, Real Estate May Be Set To Rise
    The Bottom Line

    Over the past month, the stock market staged a strong reversal as the Dow and the Nasdaq rose 6.9% and 9.1% respectively. As often happens when investment optimism begins to replace a long period of pessimism, small stocks did better than their larger cousins.

    However, many blue chips also performed very well. For example, our first three picks from last month, JP Morgan Chase (JPM), Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), and Ford (F) jumped 21.5%, 5.3%, and 42.3% respectively. Our fourth pick, SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), dropped 2.4%.