• The Corruption of American Freedom

    This is going to be an unusual Outside the Box. I’ve been part of the political process, both as a practitioner and an observer, for some 40 years. I cast my first vote in the presidential election for George McGovern but by the 1980s had made a hard right turn. Over the last decade I’ve been far less involved but no less interested. I’ve
  • Riding the Energy Wave to the Future

    16 Candles The Cover Pic Indicator The Fracking Gospel Sorry, Saudis Speaking of Solar New York, the Hampshires, Gloucester, Boston, and back to New York “Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.” – J. Paul Getty This week’s yuan devaluation was big news, but it’s really part of a much bigger saga. Events
  • When China Stopped Acting Chinese

    “The one thing I know for sure about China is, I will never know China. It's too big, too old, too diverse, too deep. There's simply not enough time.” – Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown Much of the world is focused on what is happening in Greece and Europe. A lot of people are paying attention to the Middle East and geopolitics
  • Europe: Running on Borrowed Time

    The More Things Change Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight New York, Maine, and Boston “I am sure the euro will oblige us to introduce a new set of economic policy instruments. It is politically impossible to propose that now. But some day there will be a crisis and new instruments will be created.” – Romano Prodi, EU Commission
  • Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook – Second Quarter 2015

    In today’s Outside the Box, my good friend Lacy Hunt of Hoisington Investment Management reminds us that since the 1990-91 recession, the 30-year Treasury bond yield has dropped from 9% to 3%, a downward move nearly identical to the decline in the rate of inflation, which fell from just over 6% in 1990 to 0% today. Therefore, Lacy says, “
  • Shoot the Dog and Sell the Farm

    Poster Children for European Profligacy Who Owns Whom? The Lessons Greece Can Teach Us about Europe – Madame Frexit? In Defense of Alexander Hamilton New York, Denver, Maine, and Boston “If this were a marriage, the lawyers would be circling.” The Economist, My Big Fat Greek Divorce , 6/20/2015 Greece is again all the buzz in the media
  • Public Pensions: Live and Let Die

    An Unexpected Decade Spending Money You Don’t Have on Promises You Can’t Keep Hello, Illinois, Anyone Home? How Many Trillions Did He Say? Why Illinois Is the Next Greece New York, Maine, and Boston When you were young and your heart was an open book You used to say live and let live… But if this ever-changing world in which we're
  • The Importance of RMB Internationalization

    For the last four years, I have been highlighting the idea that when Beijing floats the renminbi, the currency may go down, not up, which is the exact opposite of what those who accuse China of currency manipulation believe would happen. I had this very argument with Lindsey Graham two weeks ago at a small dinner in New York, where I listened politely
  • The People’s Republic of Debt

    A Brand-New Book Available Online The People’s Republic of Debt New York, Maine, and Boston It wasn’t that many centuries ago that China was the absolute economic center of the world. That center gravitated to Europe and then towards North America and has now begun moving back to China. My colleague Jawad Mian provided this chart showing
  • Cleaning Out the Attic

    A Six-Point Plan to Restore Economic Growth and Prosperity Cleaning Out the Attic Restructuring the Tax Code Designing a 21st Century Government More Than Just Drill Baby Drill There’s a Lot More New York, Maine, and Boston Three weeks ago I co-authored an op-ed for the Investor’s Business Daily with Stephen Moore, founder of the Club for
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