Reader Feedback 09/04/2007


Here are some good-byes from our readers:

Thanks for WWNK, and may goodness and fortune smile on the prepared.



I should have said thank you long ago. I have yet to receive a WWNK that did not contain one or more well-written articles that I have enjoyed and learned from. Please be sure and keep me on your E-list, and here's to your continued success with your new enterprise, which will help me start my day and wake up my mind.

(Denos M.)


Sorry to hear about the demise of WWNK, I have recommended it to many friends but I'm looking forward to CDRP and hope it's even 1/2 as good as WWNK.

(Kerry C.)


I have watched your unbiased WWNK for some time as many others do. You are be congratulated for your poignant, relevant and fair coverage of a myriad of different issues that are pertinent to our social and economic welfare.

I always pass WWNK to many of my friends and business associates and this will continue. They are like minded as well and appreciate honest reporting. Keep up the good work as I wait with bated breath for your [Daily Resource Plus].

(Sel C.)


I love new good things but I will lament the loss of What We Now Know more than even the writers. A great read while it existed.

(Steve K.)

Posted 09-04-2007 8:20 PM by Doug Casey