A Note from the Editors


For everything, there's a season (turn, turn, turn)... and so it has been with What We Now Know, too.

We fondly remember the many things we shared with our ten thousands of readers over the years, and the many things you shared with us - praise, constructive criticism, righteous anger and worry.

But now the time has come to put the combined efforts of the Casey Research team to a more practical use.

The unfolding crisis - as predicted by Doug Casey - has started to take its toll on the U.S. economy.

Foreclosures rose 93% in June year-over-year... more than 50 mortgage lenders have gone out of business... hedge funds and even one money-market account have closed their doors... the stock market is stumbling this way and that way, like a blind man caught in a hailstorm... and financial pundits as well as government officials, like former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers last week, openly say that the United States may be heading into a recession.

This might be the beginning of the Big One, dear readers. And we owe it to the many investors among you - people we've been guiding through the markets for the last 27 years - to focus on what's coming... how to protect your assets and actually profit from this crisis in the making.

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And here's a note from WWNK editor Doug Hornig. Over to you, Doug:

As I move on to other duties with Casey Research, I want to thank all those who have been committed readers of What We Now Know over the years, and especially those who have taken the time to share their thoughts about what I've written. It's been a pleasure. Anyone with further interest in my work will find my latest book, "The Old Adelphi Rolling Grist Mill", available online at either Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com. If you do read it, and would like to comment, you can still reach me at [email protected]

Doug Hornig

Thanks, Doug.

So we're saying goodbye to What We Now Know with one laughing and one crying eye, as the Germans say. It was a great experience... thanks to all of you who made it possible.

Shannara Johnson
Managing Editor
What We Now Know

Posted 09-04-2007 4:38 PM by Shannara Johnson