Emotional Jackpot Damage


Americans have always been accused to be sue-happy, going to court over minor - or even silly - grievances. But the Dutch seem to strive to catch up.

In a recent article, the German magazine Der Spiegel reported that Helene de Gier of Heusden, Netherlands, "was so traumatized when her neighbors won the lottery that she decided to sue for emotional damages."

In the Dutch lottery, zip codes are picked at random, and the residents of those areas have a chance to enter a drawing with prizes from a few euros to millions.

After seven of her neighbors won €13.9 million ($18.6 million) each, de Gier said she "became obsessed with the lottery and was confronted with her loss every time she had to write her address."

She also said "her newly rich neighbors had rubbed her nose in her bad luck, with one cruelly parking a brand new Porsche in front of his house."

The Amsterdam court threw out her lawsuit. One factor that might have had something to do with it: de Gier hadn't even bothered to buy a lottery ticket.

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Posted 07-24-2007 12:03 AM by Shannara Johnson
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