Did LBJ Kill JFK?

Who really killed John F. Kennedy? This question has plagued Americans, particularly the more conspiracy-minded ones, for decades. More than forty books have been written on the subject, with varying hypotheses.

One author, Guss Russo (Live by the Sword, 1998), suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald was in cahoots with the Cuban intelligence service... another, David Lifton (Best Evidence, 1980) claimed Kennedy's body was surgically altered to make it appear as though the fatal shot came from behind where Lee Harvey Oswald was hiding.

One of the most popular theories over the years has been that of "the man on the grassy knoll" whom many believed to be a CIA agent or professional hit man hired by political dissenters in Kennedy's own administration.

Now the truth is finally out--at least according to Rolling Stone's March issue that features a lengthy story and interview with St. John Hunt, son of legendary U.S. spymaster and bad guy E. Howard Hunt.

The man who "toppled banana republics, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion and led the Watergate break-in" denied his entire life that he knew anything about the JFK assassination. However, St. John claims that when his father fell seriously ill in 2003, feeling close to death, he handed his formerly estranged son handwritten memos with information on the Kennedy case, naming names and spilling it all.

Unexpectedly, though, Hunt didn't die. After this sobering realization, St. John says his father made him promise not to tell anyone. He also demanded his notes back, and his son dutifully handed them over--after making copies.

Now, after Hunt's recent death, St. John feels it's time to shed light on the JFK mystery. "This stuff is of historical significance and needs to come out," he told his reluctant stepmother. "Is this going to ruin the Hunt name? The Hunt name is already filled with ruination."

The revelation that E. Howard Hunt knew more than he had let on came as no surprise to St. John. Around 1975, he told Rolling Stone, he spotted a poster on a telephone pole, with a photo of the infamous "three tramps" who had been seen standing in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on the day of the shooting.

"I saw that picture and [...] like a cartoon character, my jaw dropped, my eyes popped out of my head, and smoke came out of ears. It looks like my dad. There's nobody that has all those same facial features. People say it's not him. He said it's not him. But I'm his son, and I've got a gut feeling."

So who, according to E. Howard Hunt's notes, was responsible for the murder?

"E. Howard scribbled the initials 'LBJ,' standing for Kennedy's ambitious vice president, Lyndon Johnson. Under 'LBJ,' connected by a line, he wrote the name Cord Meyer. Meyer was a CIA agent whose wife had an affair with JFK; later she was murdered, a case that's never been solved. Next his father connected to Meyer's name the name Bill Harvey, another CIA agent; also connected to Meyer's name was the name David Morales, yet another CIA man and a well-known, particularly vicious black-op specialist. And then his father connected to Morales' name, with a line, the framed words 'French Gunman Grassy Knoll.'"

So Lyndon B. Johnson had Kennedy killed. And the actual shooter, surmises Rolling Stone, might have been "the Corsican Mafia assassin Lucien Sarti, who has figured prominently in other assassination theories." [Read the full article here.]

Is this the ultimate truth? We don't know. But it sure reinforces our belief that governments cannot be trusted.


Posted 04-17-2007 5:21 PM by Shannara Johnson
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