Chinese Environmentalism


The Laoshu mountain in southwestern China had been quarried for more than twenty years before complaints from villagers living in the foothills contributed to shutting it down.

What do you do to revive a barren mountainside? You re-green it, or at least that's what Chinese county government officials might have had in mind. Alas, they took the term "re-greening" a bit too literally, when last August workers showed up to begin spray-painting the mountain (see the result below).

According to the official Xinhua News Agency, the cost for painting the hill astro-turf-green was about $60,000, and some villagers commented that buying and planting actual trees and shrubbery would have been much cheaper.

China might be an emerging economic super-power, but they sure have a lot to learn when it comes to the basics.

Laoshu mountain in southwestern China
(Photo: AP)

Posted 03-20-2007 1:46 PM by Shannara Johnson
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