Catholic Tribulations


It's not funny what the Catholic church has to go through these days. In the same month that the desperate Archdiocese of Washington launched an ad campaign with the slogan "The light is on for you," trying to lure reluctant believers back to the confession booth, Kentucky Fried Chicken asked Pope Benedict XVI to bless its new 99-cent fish sandwich.

KFC hopes to boost the sales of its Fish Snacker during Lenten season by obtaining papal approval. Lent has started on February 21 and will last until Easter Sunday--devout Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays during this period of fasting and contemplation.

In a letter to the pope, KFC wrote: "We beseech you to grant your seal of approval for this innovative menu item, as your blessing on this endeavor would do much to promote this sandwich as a way for members of your flock to keep a holy Lenten season, while still leading their busy, modern lifestyles."

We don't know yet if the Vatican approves of this marketing gag, but it sure looks like God doesn't. Only a few weeks after KFC's unusual request, a combined KFC/Taco Bell restaurant in New York City was literally overrun by dozens of rats, one day after the fast food joint passed a health inspection. Divine Justice?

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Posted 03-06-2007 4:32 PM by Shannara Johnson
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