Reader Feedback 12/26/2006

 More reader feedback on the Codex Alimentarius:

Thanks for an excellent article. The Codex seems to be the latest round in the ongoing battle between authoritarians who want to run the lives of others and libertarians who seek to run their own lives. Plato wrote in "The Republic" that by giving only the best food and education to the elite, one could create a class of philosopher kings fit to rule everyone else. Plato felt that the "noble lie" insisting that there were real distinctions should be told until diet and education made it so.

Clearly, the execrable state of public education in America indicates that the followers of Plato want to dumb down most of the population. Having evidently failed to maintain their power base with poor education for the masses, it is not very surprising that the would-be elite seek to eliminate nutrition in their determination to create a permanent underclass.

Thanks again for a well-researched essay.

(Jim D.)


I know a lot of nutriceutical advisors, nutritionists and scientists. But also a number of physicians. People might want to ask their physicians what kind of supplements the MD's take. I work in a research facility where I see a lot of the current articles (and medical research turns around backs up and revises constantly). You find that MD's are very conservative about taking RX, supplements and undergoing most surgery.

One thing we know about surgery is that 50% of the success rate is placebo. And you can imagine that is true also of supplementation and prescriptions.

I would particularly avoid iron later in life, also Vitamin A supplementation and too much Vitamin E (or none at all). Also aspirin, of course. A number of the supplements taken today are overdosing our tissues considerably and causing physical distress. There are all kinds of concoctions of supplements and most have some risk factors.

The best action anyone can take is to eat organically grown vegetables and fruits and grass fed beef, organic olive and other oils and milk from wholesome cows. As Jack Lalane still says after 90 years or so, "Remember to eat the food God made. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You."

No reason to freak out over a lot of government regulations about supplements--if you have a good food supply. There will always be great food the way it was intended to be grown, harvested and eaten. Organically grown foods have 1500 x the amount of nourishing factors as standard food. (Contrary to what Mark Skousen reported somewhere recently.) People are really innocent believing that a lot of stuff is "good" for them. Nature has a way of balancing everything out one way or another--so I trust nature the most.

(Kathleen-Marie S.)


It would appear that the Alliance for Natural Health is having some trouble getting published by the mainstream media. Imagine that. Thought you might be interested.

As always, I'm appreciative of the insightful articles you send my way. Even those I don't agree with challenge me to review my position. Keep up the great work. You are a sorely needed beacon in an increasingly dark world.

(JC W.)

Posted 12-26-2006 5:24 PM by Doug Casey