Reader Feedback 11/14/2006

 Reader responses on "The North American Union" (some edited for length):

If what you say in the article is correct, and Bush is trying to establish the North American Union, what is the use of building 700 miles of fences between the USA and Mexico? By the way, who is the contractor for that project, and how is he/she related to the Bush/Cheney families or fortunes? Who are the laborers that will build this fence--illegal, undocumented aliens from Mexico, so that they will know the weaknesses and openings before construction is finished? Do you think that Bush can manufacture a crisis of fear that will give Congress the opportunity to extend his reign an additional 4 years or make him Emperor for Life? Just some random thoughts.

(Carl P.)


The world has already been divided up into 10 economic regions by the architects of the New World Order to come. This has been known for a few years. North America just happens to be one of those zones. Surprise, surprise, our leaders are obviously taking their marching orders from someone else. As a Canadian, I am surprised too because we elected Harper thinking that he would oppose this as he is well aware of the future. If you have patience and wait long enough, you will always find out the truth about people. Like a steamroller, this future is coming, and men of great ambition are in charge. Fortunately their rule will only last 7 years, the last 3 of which they will not enjoy.

(Alan H.)


We clearly have lost what it truly means to be American when we have a president who claims to go after terrorists in a country totally unrelated to the 9/11 attacks in the name of "protecting our citizens from terrorists." This is traitorous and anti-American because so little has actually been done here in the homeland to protect critical infrastructure, borders, etc. [...]

Now, with SPP, we have one more massive lie being told to the American public... another traitorous act in its own right, but made especially so because of the very lack of public discourse you mention at the end of your piece. [...] I take issue with two comments in your column. I feel you have. . . somewhat minimized the seriousness of what could be transpiring by 1) saying that "mainly conservatives in the U.S." are concerned about this, and 2) Lou Dobbs is overreacting.

On the first point, spend a couple days jogging the progressive blogosphere or radio and you'll quickly learn that virtually all "liberals" are just as concerned. So, when you have the conservatives and liberals both highly concerned about something our govt. is very quietly doing to us, who is left? Members of the CFR? Corporatists and wealthy elites? Frankly, I don't have the answers either, which is clearly how "they" want to keep it... whoever "they" is. And that's what you, me and every other concerned citizen should be spending our scant free time trying to discover... who is the force behind stealing the identity of America, along with its once almighty super power that has been all but stripped?

After reading all this, it should be clear why I don't believe Lou Dobbs is overreacting in the least. Quite the contrary... he's one of the few brave voices, who is somehow able to convince his producers that what he's saying won't have more serious ramifications. I'm actually amazed something so alarming was allowed to be aired by the corporate-controlled media. [...]

And that's exactly why I read your column frequently... it provides an alternative view that is difficult to find anywhere else. And I feel the criticism you may have been receiving lately is simply part and parcel to attempting to suppress alternate voices and views that could be damaging in any way, shape or form to the goals of this administration. [...]

Please try not to give in to these quacks, for these are likely to be difficult times for investors. [...] Keep the truth effort. I find it one of the most valuable market views I read. Don't be bullied into submission.

(Brent B.)


I think "What We Now Know" is a great addition to the regular newsletter. Lots of neat articles.

Your article about the North American Union was good, but only scratched the surface. The NAU, with a kick start from 9-11, has been designed to further us along towards a fascist one-world government as outlined in Daddy Bush's speech when he said order shall be rendered out of chaos. Novus Ordo Seclorum. In order to do that, trading blocks must be cemented. Currencies must be cemented. The NAU is just another step in that regard.

9-11 wasn't about terrorism, it was smoke and mirrors designed to give a few fascists the power to herd people together like cattle. It was about stripping democratic rights. An NAU centralizes power and takes it away from individual countries as well as people. Look at the Patriot Act, look at the Model State Emergency Powers Act. Little steps along the way.

Get ready for greater losses of sovereignty, the elimination of cash, the creation of a lethal pandemic, and a chip implant without which you cannot function in the economy. This may seem like the meanderings of a conspiracist, but I've watched the aforementioned scenario slowly evolve over the years. It's for real.

What's coming would make even George Orwell grimace. I hope I'm wrong and I hope all International Speculator subscribers can escape this through the creation of wealth. We'll see.

(Richard B.)

Posted 11-14-2006 5:41 PM by Doug Casey