Reader Feedback 08/08/2006

 Many thanks to our readers for answering the call to provide feedback on our article in WWNK 7/25, "The End of Roe v. Wade: The El Salvador Experience."

As far as we can tell, the opinions were roughly 50/50: Half of our readers voiced their adamant support for an abortion ban, the other half feared it would drive us back to the Dark Ages.

Here are two representative letters ? you'll find more clicking on the link below.

I am a practicing physician, and your article on El Salvador's current abortion law was astounding. I am an adopted child, and would no doubt not have "made it" with the current laws in place, so this subject hits home for me more than most. Like most Americans, I have some personal ambivalence on the subject; it does not help that the same right-to-lifers also oppose family planning.

I have seen the results of back alley abortion attempts in which women would come in to the hospital in septic shock from a post procedure infection. Legislation preventing abortion will not prevent its use by those who are desperate to avoid a pregnancy. In this scenario, we in the medical profession will begin to see a huge increase in complications from abortions when it is criminalized. Women will die.

The idea that you can't act on treating a patient who has a tubal pregnancy in El Salvador is nothing more than execution by legislation. Patients with this condition can die suddenly even with immediate medical attention, and still do. Delay in treating a patient with this condition would be in my opinion constitute medical malpractice. Now there is at least one representative of the right-to-life movement who thinks that delayed treatment of this condition is "OK". Wrong--wrong--wrong!!

(David W., M.D.)



I'm a Christian, so my perspective is a Christian one. My view is that there is a God who created us in His image to bear that image in a God-honoring way. All life is sacred because God creates life and He takes it away. We are not to usurp God's role of taking life as we see fit. He never gave us that right. Man gives that right through the courts, but God doesn't. He will hold each person accountable for their actions while living on planet Earth, so the person who goes against the law of God will be accountable to God.

If we insist on living as we see fit without any regard for God's holiness, as Scripture states, "man does what is right in his own sight," then there will be consequences. I am against abortion in any instance. I struggle with the laws that exist today because I believe people are bringing condemnation on themselves without realizing the true consequences of their actions. God says that if we live and trust in Him for all things and follow His righteous commands that we will receive blessing. I believe that with all my heart.


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A word to our readers who...

a) chided Doug Casey for "writing such drivel"...

b) pointed out to us that they're not paying subscription fees to read political commentary...


c) emphasized that we should better stick to investment advice and keep our hands off topics like abortion policies.

We'd like to remind you (as we've said many times before) that What We Now Know is not being written by Doug personally, even though he commonly approves articles before they are published. Articles by Doug will always have a by-line marking him as the author.

Even though we feature some investment-related articles, What We Now Know is not and was never meant to be an investment newsletter. WWNK is a free, bi-weekly trend letter with a wide range of--often very controversial--topics from domestic and geo-politics to health, technology, science, and general-interest stories.

That being said, we always enjoy receiving letters from all nuances of the political spectrum. Keep your feedback coming!

Posted 08-08-2006 8:33 PM by Doug Casey