Reader Feedback 05/30/2006

 In the last WWNK, we asked for your feedback on our controversial article "State-Sponsored Child Abuse." Here are some sample letters.

Thank you for your interesting article regarding government human experimentation.

Unfortunately, you have only touched upon the surface. In actual fact, government experimentation upon human test subjects in the 1950's and 1960's was massive; and a great deal of that involved children. I am aware of a single program--not mentioned in your article--that involved at least 500,000 American grade school children that produced a psychiatric casualty rate of at least 25%.

These experiments continue to this day.

The program was and remains a subset of the much larger and supposedly ended MKULTRA "mind control" R&D effort.

Approximately 500,000 grade school children were enrolled in this program during the 1950's and early 1960's under the false pretext of educational research conducted under the auspices of the United States Air Force.

MKULTRA is best know as a CIA R&D program; but in fact the DoD ran a much larger and far more successful parallel effort; and unlike the CIA program, it was neither disclosed nor shut down. It continues to this day in various guises, although it is far more carefully hidden.

I suspect but cannot prove that it is responsible for the frequent school yard massacres.

(Charles S. Viar, Chairman of The Center for Intelligence Studies)



Great article. Sobering article. But you did not mention the hundreds of thousands of us who were subject to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

(Rod G.)




Hi, just wanted to clarify a couple points on the human research story. First, it appears the math is wrong on the dose of radiation given to the Sephardic kids. If daily dose is 0.5 rad, and they got 350, that's 700 times daily dose, not 35,000 as the quote stated.

And the study about the diet pill NeoBazine given to the children in MD--thyroxin(e) is not a "drug that causes tremors, etc. It is in fact the body's natural thyroid hormone. Yes, an excess of this in anyone's body causes insomnia, tremors, etc., but this is deceiving. And it may be true that the FDA disallowed NeoBazine, but the wording makes it sound like they banned thyroxin(e). This of course is not true, as thousands of people who are hypothyroid have been taking this since the '30s and '40s for their condition.

These may sound like nit-picking, but I read WWNK in the hopes of getting information without the slant and inaccuracies prevalent in our media. Getting your facts wrong risks damaging the credibility of all your stories. Giving kids a dose of gamma rays 700 times the limit is outrageous enough--it doesn't need to be magnified.

(*** W.)

[Ed. Note: Thanks for paying attention, ***. The documentary states that in 1950 the maximum permitted dose (note: there is no such thing as a "daily dose" for radiation) for children under 16 was 0.5 rad. The Ringworm Children received radiation of 350 rad (some up to 600) directly to their heads. The movie also says that "the Ringworm Children were exposed to radiation dosage equal to 35,000 x-ray pictures."

Our research found that today, the typical radiation dose for a chest x-ray is 10 mrem = 10/1000 rem or 0.01 rem (1 rem roughly equals 1 rad). 0.01 rem x 35,000 = 350 rem (rad). So the calculation is correct.

As to the NeoBazine issue, we don't doubt that the thyroid hormone thyroxin(e) does a world of good for people who have a deficiency of it. However, we very much doubt that it should be a component of diet pills. If you read up on possible side effects of (too much) thyroxin(e), you'll find some of the above-mentioned. However, we apologize for not stating this more clearly.]



With sadness I read the article about the various medical experiments performed by twisted minds on unsuspecting fellow human beings. It brought to mind the ongoing spraying of our planetary atmosphere that we have all been subject to since around 1998. The spraying is sometimes referred to as chemtrails. It is a real event and not some wild creation of conspiracy theorists.

For instance, we here in Arizona no longer have sunny days like we used to due to this unasked-for spraying. A very wise man warned me about this phenomenon back in 1985 when I lived in the Norfolk, Virginia area. He advised that we move as soon as possible. At that time, the government was spraying unknown substances into the air over the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area.

We residents would always know when the spraying was being done because we would all come down with respiratory illnesses and tightness in the chest, along with other unpleasant symptoms. I can still remember hearing the spraying from the planes and seeing the mist descend onto the lawns in the neighborhood. I often wonder if the cancer that my husband contracted in 2002 was due in part to the spray.

You know, I used to believe that the "heart" of humanity was good and that goodness would always prevail. Now, I'm not so sure. After watching a recent Frontline program on the worldwide sex trade, my husband and I have concluded that darkness is everywhere on the planet now. We are not particularly religious in our viewpoint of the world. We prefer to observe events and judge people by the "fruits" of their actions. Personally, we have concluded that we will leave the USA just as soon as it is financially possible. The only difficult part is deciding where else to settle... perhaps there is a friendly planet nearby that does not experiment on or otherwise abuse its citizens.

(Marianne B.)



I am unsure of the timing of this, but it seems to me that at some point in the early sixties (?) the government used a Naval vessel positioned off the coast of San Francisco as a launch point for some sort of airborne biological substance. The idea was to release it and let it drift ashore and then study the population in order to gather statistics concerning how great an effect this would have in a given population. ... I was just wondering if anyone on your end might have seen mention of this?

(John G.)

[Ed. Note: You got it right, John. Except for the date: The mock attack on San Francisco happened in 1950. Read more here.]



Uranium is great for stocks, but not so great in your body. A lot of people are being "infected" with depleted uranium bullets as we speak in the war with Iraq. The bullets simply "vaporize" on contact with armament, and the dust can be inhaled by anyone living close to the battle fields. Not to forget that it will stay there for 4.5 billion years so thousands of generations will be affected... .

I suggest you visit these sites for more information:

D.U. is nothing less than a genocide and a crime against humanity.

People must know about it and someone has to pay for this. What Saddam has done is probably nothing compared to what the American president has ordered.




Yes, the U.S. government can do bad things. My Dad fought with them about the LSD experiments that were conducted on him in 1959 at Ft. Bragg, NC. They denied any wrongdoing for 20 years while he tenaciously tried to get them to acknowledge it. "They" won... he got senile and eventually gave up.

(Christine B.)



I am replying to the article in this month's edition of What We Now Know, "State-Sponsored Child Abuse."

Are You aware of the story of Mr. Frank Olsen, his moral crisis concerning his work, his subsequent murder and the governmental cover-up? Here is one site of note which documents some of the details and the persons involved.




I'm of an age where I find your report quite plausible. It wasn't until Hitler's "medical" research became public that such studies and activities became socially unacceptable.

But I couldn't help but note your focus on the military-industrial sector in your letter.

You have only to look deeply into Alfred Kinsey's research to see similar patterns in the social and medical sciences. I know that since Kinsey says many things in support of the homosexual agenda it has now become somewhat socially unacceptable to question his work, but for those of us who remember the '50s, his methods where not hidden nearly so well back then. His work with female children in institutions and orphanages who were as young as 1 year old was pretty well documented once upon a time.

And, of course, there's all of Doctor Timothy Leary's work done with mental patient in the '60s. We are often shocked by what was once common practice.

Guess that's what we call progress?

(David C.)

Posted 05-30-2006 1:11 PM by Doug Casey