Reader Feedback 02/28/2006

 Last week's article "The Road to Sedition," generated some interesting reader emails we don't want to withhold from you:

I read this article with great interest. I believe it's not far for all our futures led by small "patriots" to keep the damn "liberals" in line before we all get ratted out for something. Frankly, I believe Dubya's administration is the real "Manchurian Candidate", destined to ruin the economy, weaken our defenses from within and shackle us all by Executive Orders and Patriot Acts.

I'm more afraid of what we'll do to each other in the support of "government" than what terrorists may bring. I can fight terrorists, but without "real acts of sedition," how do you fight bad government before it's too late? Oops, too late already, we're already "at war".

(Bill Smith)



I couldn't agree more with your comment that "Sedition" is as outdated as grandpa's cuckoo clock, and it ought to be. Unfortunately for Americans, there are too many among us who consider "speaking up" to be disloyal and a disservice to the country.

That, of course, reflects a lot of divergent views by people who think (if they think at all) that what our government is doing is just fine. To name a few, right wing Christian fundamentalists, Zionists, oil interest zealots, and those only too real but unbelievable people who blindly support "their" president, right or wrong.

Again, unfortunately for all of us, those that think that way seem to be in the majority, and not much of what happens will change their views. So grandpa's cuckoo clock "sedition laws" appear to be destined to chirp again.

(Larry M.)



"The Road to Sedition" mentioned VA nurse Laura Berg who got in trouble for writing an angry letter to a newspaper about the tedious reaction of FEMA and federal government in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Some of our readers had their own ideas of the Katrina scenario:

I hold deep respect and empathy for the veterans treated at the VA hospital Ms. Berg works at and also to her dedication. I wonder what more she expected after Katrina. I agree that the "response" to Katrina was slower than it should have been, but given that the gulf coast was declared a disaster area two days before the storm arrived and things still didn't arrive in time, I question the usefulness of the government bureaucracy in total. Ask the people in FL who are still waiting for FEMA to help repair their damaged homes from two years ago whether they are outraged at FEMA.

Local groups, especially those that are faith based, have responded the quickest because they don't have to wait for executive mandates or approvals to exercise common sense. My only question to readers is that given the valid criticisms of the federal bureaucracy in this case, this is the group you might want to manage your healthcare?

(John G.)



Some fools in Washington have decided, without a vote of the people, to add another 10 billion dollars to the approximate 90 billion dollars already allocated to the victims of hurricane Katrina. I have a copy of the Constitution of the United States right here next to my keyboard and I just read it again from cover to cover and nowhere in this great document can I find anything that gives anyone stupid enough to buy or build on a piece of land that is below sea level, a right or entitlement to money from the Federal Government.

Everyone must understand that the Federal Government has no money of its own, all funds handed out by FEMA or any other government agency have come from the taxpayers of the United States of America. As a taxpayer, I firmly reject rewarding people for their acts of gross negligence, and demand that we taxpayers be allowed to vote on the issue of giving away 100 billion dollars of our money. The people of this country, myself included, have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the victims of hurricane Katrina, and this is how we should react to a catastrophe of this magnitude.

Who told these people that there was a huge pile of free money that they could use to replace their lost property, when the main fault of their loss was their own stupid decision to not have insurance and to own land and houses that sit below sea level. The demands and complaints started the day after the hurricane passed over New Orleans with 300-pound women screaming at whoever passed by that "we ain't got no food." Well, whose fault is it when a person has not prepared themselves for things to go wrong? They blame Bush, they blame FEMA, they blame the "government," they blame everyone except themselves for their lack of preparedness.

The only thing that could make this situation worse is for some bureaucrat to decide to rebuild houses on below sea level land that should be returned to swampland like it was 100 years ago. There are thousands of acres of land around New Orleans that could be used for new housing that would be or should be out of the flood plain.

(Dan O.)

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