Reader Feedback 02/14/2006

 Our article "A Hundred Billions Here, a Hundred Billions There..." from last week generated numerous reader emails. Here, as usual, only a small selection:

Is all this money being handed over in cash? I.e. the $700,000 in the unlocked foot locker. Why are there no fail safes in place to ensure work paid for is completed? Who is actually in charge of all this money? And how in the hell did a soldier get their hand on $60,000 dollars to "gamble away" in the 1st place?

I am befuddled by the blatant and inept mismanagement of these funds. A 6th-grader would know better how to manage these funds.

(Mike M.)

[Ed. Note: According to the auditors, the offices of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Hillah were awash in bricks of $100 bills, taken from a vault without documentation.]



I am not surprised in the least, it looks like business as usual. It seems they are aware of what is going on and either don't know how to stop it or more likely don't care.

(Joseph T.)



Whadya expect?

When voters are dumb enough to let thieves run the country, why should anyone be surprised when they and their minions steal?

(Kenneth H.)



This is the quality of governance we have allowed to take over. Time to fix it. Kick out the incumbents whenever you get the chance.

(Douglas T.)



Unbelievable, and this country can't find enough money to help workers that pay taxes so that they can live somewhat comfortably in retirement with Social Security. This money could be used to also provide a medical program to stop the bankrupting of the elderly. But why should they help them, they only paid taxes and worked hard their whole life to be kicked in the teeth.

What has been done to these individuals that are involved in this theft? I'll bet nothing.

(Howard W.)

[Ed. Note: So far, two men have been indicted, Philip H. Bloom, a contractor, and Robert J. Stein Jr., comptroller and funding officer for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq's south-central region. It looks like Stein handed most reconstruction projects to Bloom and his various companies. A government affidavit says in some cases Bloom's companies performed no work at all. Bloom, in turn, made bank deposits of $353,000 to at least two CPA employees and bought them U.S. real estate, vehicles and jewelry worth over $280,000. At one point he was doling out at least $200,000 a month to CPA officials and others. Auditors believe, however, that these two crooks are only the tip of the iceberg.]



The AP didn't have to go all the way to Iraq to report on government waste of our tax payer dollars. They only had to go to New Orleans to report on massive waste of our tax payers dollars.




Thanks for the information. I really feel sick. Our nation is fast going to pot. All honesty and accountability is being lost. The nation would have been much better off had we not entered Iraq. It will eventually lead to the demise of America as we know it.

(Annette H.)



Instead of just publishing this in your newsletter, get your ducks in a row with all the information you have and the source of that information and give it to the Democrat congressmen.

But if I was you, I would not take the word of some anti-war people as gospel.

(Art M.)

[Ed. Note: Click here to read the actual audit report (including photos of the crashed elevator and the swimming pool) by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR).]

Posted 02-14-2006 9:38 PM by Doug Casey