Reader Feedback 02/07/2006

 Down one minute, up the next: After we received hundreds of touching reader emails professing your sadness that What We Now Know should die, last week we announced our decision to continue the newsletter. Again, dozens of letters fluttered into our inbox, this time of the more giddy kind. What can we say: We love our readers. Thanks for being so wonderful.


Maybe I live a dull life, maybe my expectations for excitement are too limited, maybe I'm just a junkie... whatever. Your announcement that you are continuing to publish WWNK made my day!!

Thank you. I am actually quite moved by your decision. Obviously, you made your choice based on the impact you have and the difference you make, not on purely "business interests". Wouldn't it be nice if there was more of THAT!

When the time comes to deal with those "business interests", I'm your Daddy!


(Fred T.)



I'm delighted that you've reconsidered your decision to stop publication of this highly informative, thought-provoking and entertaining newsletter. What We Now Know is always at the top of my stack of subway reading material, and I look forward to its arrival every week. It is a breath of fresh air amid the vast wasteland that is modern American journalism. Please keep it up-we need you.

(John E.)



I've never written to you in the past, but please know how delighted I was to read that you are going to continue the best Tuesday newsletter on the web. I have subscribed for at least a couple of years, and always make a point of forwarding/printing out the most meaningful articles.

This is such a wonderful publication for us Americans to have available at our fingertips, and such a source of unbiased, truthful commentary on all aspects of our lives and futures.

Please continue providing this information, and even if you have to charge a fee, it is certainly worth more than most other publications that aren't worth their fees.




I have been receiving [WWNK] for about a year now since I returned to the UK from spending six months a year in the States... . Of course there are other mediums to search and find articles of interest, but since receiving your letter I have almost stopped looking elsewhere.

(Henry W.-S.)



AMEN AMEN!! What wonderful news to see that you are going to continue WWNK. I did not respond last week to the sad news, but wanted to say I am very happy you are going to keep this excellent publication going. I look forward to next week already.

(Larry S.)



You have made my year-I hated the thought that my favorite newsletter would be gone. The news that you will continue comes as a welcome gift. Just let me know what I need to pay; it'll come gladly!




I am so delighted that you have decided to reconsider your decision to cease publishing. I am addicted to WWNK and do not want to consider my Tuesdays without my weekly dose of your brand of realism.

Please feel free to add my name to the list of those that would willingly pay a subscription to ensure that you do not consider this option again in the future.

(Peter H.)



For what it's worth, I decided to subscribe to 2 of your newsletters after reading a number of WWNK's posted on I'm very happy with my subscriptions and I'm glad you've decided to continue WWNK.

(Dave L.)



Oh-the melodrama!

Last week the news of your pending demise caused a sense of loss of a great source of news, wisdom and entertainment!

Today-what joy! You're not leaving me after all-at least not right away-you're granting a reprieve!

I, as many others, will subscribe to this newsletter-the only one I ALWAYS read!

(Julianne C.)



I was truly surprised when scrolling down the feedback section... Guess the responses caught you by surprise... this is a very valuable weekly epistle... I'm glad that others feel the same way. Irreverence only once a month about boobus americanus just doesn't cut it.

(Dave Q.)



Thank you for deciding to stay around a while longer. It's like a very good friend has decided to not move away after all.

(Cathy S.)

Posted 02-07-2006 12:54 AM by Doug Casey