Reader Feedback 01/31/2006

After our announcement last week that we would discontinue What We Now Know, our inbox was flooded with hundreds of deeply saddened, disappointed and upset reader emails--some begging us to reconsider our decision, a few dozens offering to pay any reasonable subscription fee to keep WWNK alive. (Only two said they were glad our rag finally found the end it deserved.)

Unfortunately, we don't have enough space to post all of your emails, so here only a few representative examples:

Wow! I feel like I'm losing a friend. I never wrote to you before, but I have certainly enjoyed your newsletter. It encapsulated the important topics of our day in an informative narrative. You wrote with clarity and even if I didn't always agree with your summations, you never got heavy-handed and try to force an opinion down my throat. The newsletter was like a conversation with an informed friend. Like a friend, you will be missed.

(Woody K.)



I have learned so much. Gained so many other view points. Broadened the scope of my view of the world. I will truly miss this weekly look at the world from a different point of view. Your view of America is positive. You never run our country down. This is truly unique. You see America for what it is and what it could be. Wish more people at your level would speak up. You are a great influence for good.

(Dawn K.)



Thank you very much for all your past work. We are losing an important educational tool at a time when the country needs it most.

(William S.)



I have enjoyed reading what I consider some of the most intelligent opinions I've come across from any source. My only other reading is typically the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. I'm sad to see you go.

(David W.)



For the love of god, NO!!! I have been reading WWNK for the last year and a half and will sorely miss it. Tuesdays became WWNK days and I have found myself checking to see if it was posted every 5 minutes from lunch time on. . . . Thank you for your work on this excellent newsletter.

(David F.)



I loved your newsletter. It was objective and thought provoking. We could use more of what you have written, not less.

(Christopher M.)



It's rare to find an online newsletter that has no hidden agenda, is balanced politically and is written intelligently. WWNK will be missed.

(Jerry W.)



Well, now, isn't that just dandy. I feel like the self-indulgent husband that put up with his wife's persistent nagging and pattering about, only to find himself reeling from the cold-slap-in-the-face announcement that she's leaving him. Harumph!! All of a sudden I'm snapped back, wondering where in the heck I'm going to find the diverse, intelligent and relevant writings every week. I'm suddenly confronted by how much I casually have come to rely on this wonderful source for being informed about so many things. More than once, I've looked pretty darn smart to my friends because of something I read in your newsletter. . . .

Thanks for the memories. No kidding. I keep my past editions in e-mail folders and use them quite often. I just never knew what a treasure they would become.

(Fred T.)



I've only subscribed for about 2 years. WWNK is one letter that never gets deleted before being read. I truly enjoy reading WWNK and will miss not having it appear on my desktop. Today's issue is a prime example.

The reference to an assault on Iran had been spoken of before in WWNK. Very little of this possibility appeared in the mainstream media. Now, the media pundits are bandying this idea about. The far-reaching vision of WWNK has been an eye-opener for me and it will be, sadly, missed. Thank you so much for providing thought-provoking insight to some very perplexing problems.

(Ken B.)



Thank you for keeping us abreast of events in the world in a humorous and informed manner. . . . I truly feel that I have become a more critical and analytical thinker because I read your letters.

(Tony M.)



I want to share with you how I used your columns this past year.

I live in rural Pennsylvania. I am an 'at-home mom'. I also home schooled my two young adult daughters, and am now leading a small group of home school teens through a required economics/government course. . . .

I used many articles from your newsletter to supplement our reading. Just this week I will refer to your articles on "Gamblemania" and "Equality of Opportunity".

Thank you for your excellent journalism. Thank you for offering a word that would challenge the mainstream journalist and help to strengthen the minds of a few young teens in rural PA.

(Kathy R.)



The news that WWNK will no longer be written and published is like hearing about a death in the family.....a shock. You cannot imagine what an extraordinary learning tool it has been for us readers. Living without this very informative newsletter will be like sailing a ship into the fog without any navigational instruments. Thanks for a great run.

(Larry B.)



I have anxiously awaited the next issue from the moment I finished reading the current one and I have savored every story that I've read. You have had an amazing propensity to bring up topics that slip by the daily viewings of my local paper, local news, and Yahoo! home page. . . . Thank you for the great wealth of information you've provided.

(Mike H.)



The writers and in fact everyone connected to this publication are in our opinion highly intelligent, blessed with a good sense of humor and have a great feel for what it means to be in this point of the universe at this particular time. We would have subscribed had you offered to keep it going with that in mind.

(Norma E.)



It's with great sadness that I've read that next week's issue will be the last in a very valuable and open forum. This was a one-of-a-kind email, looked forward to each and every week.

Being a Casey subscriber (both Intl Speculator and Energy Speculator), I'd hate to think that you haven't already considered making this a for profit venture. Without a second thought, I'd jump in line for this service from so many irreverent and thought provoking individuals. Alas and alack, the world moves on and another welcome piece of it has bitten the proverbial dust.

(Dave Q.)



I really hate to see you end the newsletter. Many times, I would know about global events / situations weeks before they hit the evening news, thanks to you.

(Ty S.)



This is very sad news indeed. I've enjoyed the newsletter and passed it on to many friends. You've brought information I felt I could actually believe. You've been funny, sensitive and at times poignant.

I can understand the importance of the "bottom line", but for your readers it will be a real loss. There is just nothing else like WWNK.

(Pamela M.)



To say we were overwhelmed by the number of emails and the passion of your feedback would be an understatement. Of course we knew that What We Now Know is a unique newsletter of rather good quality; what we didn't expect, however, was the major role it apparently plays in many people's lives.

To make a long story short, after lengthy discussions we decided to give WWNK another chance and keep publishing it for the time being. However, at some point the newsletter may be subject to alterations, like a format change or subscription fee. We will keep you updated on any new developments.


Posted 01-31-2006 1:07 AM by Doug Casey