Reader Feedback 07/26/2005

 In response to our article "Roundup--How Toxic Is It?", we received various reader emails pointing out that we used the term "pesticide" incorrectly. As an example, Doug H. wrote:

For what it's worth, Roundup is not a "pesticide". It is an "herbicide". To give your article any credibility, at least you should use the proper terminology.

The error seems to be on the side of our readers. According to the National Safety Council's Environmental Glossary, pesticides are "Substances intended to repel, kill, or control any species designated a 'pest' including weeds, insects, rodents, fungi, bacteria, or other organisms. The family of pesticides includes herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, and bactericides."


In the wake of our Rapture article, we still received various comments on this story last week. One reader email, though, sent cold shivers down our spine.

I found your articles on rapture interesting. I also have an anecdotal offering.

I live in Houston and like to go to yard and estate sales and flea markets. [...] Anyway, last September or October, I happened upon a woman who was selling her stuff to meet the next month's rent. At the same time just one year earlier, she told me, she had over $50K in orders for her art (she does objective portraiture in silhouette profile), but all of her clientele (from her former Church) had dried up. She had expressed her misgivings about the Administration's foreign policy and made it known that she would be voting for Kerry in 2004.

Her discomfort with W began in 2000--when she saw him on TV on the convention floor--with his handlers running interference to make sure he said the right things to the right people. She described herself has having an uncontrollable 'feeling' (correct, it seems) that this man would be taking us into war. She had voted conservative all her life, but this time (2000) could not. When I asked who she voted for in 2000, her answer was that, for the first time in her life, she did not vote.

But the real scary thing she told me was that many in her former congregation were admitting that Bush was not a competent leader, especially with respect to the issue of foreign policy: They were voting for Bush in the expectation that he would hasten Armageddon, and move things along faster towards the rapture and the final judgment for us sinners.

(Jamal H.)

Posted 07-26-2005 1:12 PM by Doug Casey