Deep Impact on Astrology

 Most people interested in outer-space exploration would consider NASA's Deep Impact mission a "smashing success", as put it last week.

On July 4, the 39-inch projectile launched from a VW Beetle-sized flyby probe hit its target, comet Tempel 1, with a force equivalent to several tons of TNT -- sending molten rock and metal flying. Observing scientists and hobby astronomers cheered at the spectacular sight.

But not everyone is applauding: Marina Bai, a Russian astrologer, has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against NASA. A mission like Deep Impact "ruins the natural balance of forces in the universe," Bai told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

Bai believes that only a hefty reimbursement of $300 million will relieve her "moral suffering," as her lawyer put it. Besides, she told Izvestia, the experiment "deforms" her horoscope.

More proof that some New Agers are truly spaced out.

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Posted 07-19-2005 2:24 PM by Doug Casey
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