Ever get up in the morning and feel like killing something? Well, now you can do it from the comfort of your home computer!

For $300, hunters can log onto and shoot a wild animal--in real time, with real guns. The only requirement is to obtain a Texas hunting license first, which is also available over the Internet. Here's how it works: Hunters pay for two hours and two rounds from a 30.06 rifle, having full control over the firearm which is connected to a motorized arm. The online hunter watches their prey through a camera built into the scope, and pulls the trigger with a mouse click.

The game--which presently includes sheep, Blackbuck Antelopes, and Wild Hogs--is stationed on a secluded ranch in Texas. Ranch personnel is standing by to provide the kill shot in case the animal is only wounded. Meat processing and taxidermy cost extra, and an additional $9.95 plus shipping buys the proud hunter a DVD recording to gloat with in front of his buddies.

As you might suspect, the online hunts have created much controversy, as a recent article in The Economist reported. "Wildlife authorities want to stop any killing of native species--including feral hogs, brought to Texas by the Spaniards centuries ago--by remote control. Now Todd Smith, a Republican state representative, has introduced a bill that would ban it altogether."

Our take is that as long as hunting is legal, and it should be, and the operators have someone to administer the coup de grace to a wounded animal, online hunts are probably a whole lot safer and more humane than unleashing thousands of trigger-happy urbanites into the wild each year during hunting season.

But where could such a diabolical idea have come from in the first place? Perhaps it was the widely broadcast military press briefings where the world is invited to look on as observers sitting at computers back at headquarters monitor the action in real time and authorize pilots to take out insurgent positions in places like Iraq.



"Few men have the virtue to withstand the highest bidder."

--George Washington


Posted 03-14-2005 8:38 PM by Doug Casey
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