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  • Prisoner of the Bureaucracy

    I wrote some time ago that Greece had a choice between Disaster A: staying in the euro; and Disaster B: leaving the euro. I have recently come back from four days in Greece, meeting with lots of people at all levels of society, and will share with you in this letter my analysis of their choices and the results. I'll also have a few things to say about what the developments in Greece might mean for the rest of Europe and the developed world.

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  • A Random Walk Through the Minefield

    In This Issue:

    Would You Like to Read Over My Shoulder?
    Dysfunctional, Thy Name Is Europe
    What Happens if the Greeks Default?
    Trigger Points and Evasive Action
    A Random Walk Through the Minefield
    Gaming the GDP Numbers
    Tuscany (And I Get the Irony)