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  • The Beginning of the Endgame

    About this time two years ago I began to seriously work with Jonathan Tepper on our book Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changed Everything. It came out the following March. I remember vividly that in November of that year, as crisis after crisis hit Europe, and the first of about 20 summit meetings which were supposed to solve the crisis was convened, that Jonathan and I worried that the book would not be out in time to actually catch the Endgame before it happened (at least in Europe).

    Ah, such naiveté from your humble analysts. While we predicted (in general) pretty much everything that has happened so far, from Greece to Spain to Italy, the problems with "austerity" in times of crisis, the even larger eventual problems of postponing the day of reckoning, etc., we now must stand back and shake our heads in awe and wonder at the ability of European leaders to kick the can down the road. Given the serious nature of the problems, it is amazing (to us at least) that they have been able to keep the wheels from coming off. In the face of the powerful centrifugal forces that should have torn Europe apart, we must pause and give serious thought to why they have not done so already.

  • The Beginning of the Endgame

    The Big Bang Moment
    Bang, Indeed!
    “It’s the Economy, Dummkopf!”
    The Long and Winding Road to Crisis
    Are We Already in Recession?
    So What Can We Do?
    Home and then Ireland, London, and Geneva

  • My View on the Last Half of the Year

    In This Issue:

    We Should Be OK, Except…
    What Happens if There Is a Shock?
    And Then There Was No QE
    “Endgame” Program
    Tulsa for the 4th

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  • Muddle Through, or Crisis?

    In This Issue:

    Enemy of Spain
    The Endgame, Part 2
    Muddle Through, or Crisis?
    Philadelphia, Boston, Trequanda, Kiev, Geneva, and London