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Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?

Some of you might remember What We Now Know, an eclectic bi-weekly newsletter with news you didn't find in the mainstream media, from U.S. and geopolitics to the War on Terror, the economy, health, nutrition, science, and much more.

For nearly four years, a few regular contributors put together controversial stories on the Social Security Crisis, the Bush administration, our crippled healthcare system, illegal immigration, the Codex Alimentarius, China's food scandals, religious fundamentalism, and so on.

The good thing was, the newsletter was free. The bad thing was, the newsletter was free... and was never really able to pay for itself, which kind of defeated the initial purpose. So it eventually went the way of all living things.

Fortunately, even though the email newsletter doesn't exist anymore, it doesn't mean that these stories don't need to be told. This blog owes its existence to that fact, and of course to the despicable indifference of the mainstream media.

So, if you miss What We Now Know or just want to read someone's opinion on just about anything, you may want to bookmark this one or, better yet, add it to your RSS feed reader.