June 2010 - The Macro Market Monitor

Explores resource, commodity and currency market influences on stocks and the economy. Each month we separate leaders from laggards, explore how the relationships between various markets are changing and how to profit from it.

  • In search of the magic market mix

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    In search of the magic market mix
    Cup of chart patterns with an ounce fundamentals?
    Not being late for the gravy train
    Exit signs – Knowing what to look for and when...
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    Quote of the Month:

    'Economic history is a never-ending series of episodes based on falsehoods and lies, not truths. It represents the path to big money. The object is to recognize the trend whose premise is false, ride that trend, and step off before it is discredited.' - George Soros

    (Readers may recognize that this quote is not new - it's is one of my favorites and one that I repeat to myself before trading.) In search of the magic market recipe

    When stock prices have been rising and the economy is healthy, it is easy to become complacent. In a strong bull market, all you really have to do is buy to make money. Traders hunt for stocks that have the best momentum plays. Fundamental investors look for stocks that represent the best value based on the assumption that the market is rational and that money gravitates to stocks that have the best revenues and earnings.