April 2010 - The Macro Market Monitor

Explores resource, commodity and currency market influences on stocks and the economy. Each month we separate leaders from laggards, explore how the relationships between various markets are changing and how to profit from it.

  • Special Issue This Month!

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    Special Issue This Month!
    Interview with world record stock trader Dan Zanger
    Trading chart patterns and the market - What does he see?
    Market leaders on the move
    Fertilizer plays
    Rhyming rallies
    Déjà vu 2004
    Do chart patterns still work?
    Have a stock trading question for Dan?

    An interview with top stock trader Dan Zanger

    Like many of you, I first read about Dan Zanger in a December 2000 Fortune article entitled My Stocks are Up 10,000! describing how former contractor Zanger had parlayed $10,775 from the sale of his Porsche into stock market winnings of $18 million in about as many months. His approach may be simple but it is anything but easy. He uses chart patterns and volume with the occasional indicator to anticipate price movement. Dan continued to build this stock bounty into an incredible $42 million in a 2 year period during the Internet bubble and bear market that followed.

    My first article about Dan was an interview published in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine (April 2003 - see link at the end of the interview) in which he explained that even though he'd been out of the media spotlight since 2000, he was still very much alive and on target. I have since written about him a number of times and he continues to amaze his audience of newsletter subscribers, seminar attendees and traders who avidly follow in his ‘balls to the wall' approach to trading stocks.