December 2009 - The Macro Market Monitor

Explores resource, commodity and currency market influences on stocks and the economy. Each month we separate leaders from laggards, explore how the relationships between various markets are changing and how to profit from it.

  • Trading places - Gold and the dollar make the switch

    In This Issue:
    Trading places - Gold and the dollar make the switch
    Carry trades in trouble?
    Baltic Dry Index showing weakness
    Global Stock Markets Challenged

    This month's newsletter will be shorter than usual as it is a time of the year that many traders take holidays and volumes are lower than usual.

    However, there is one annual event worth mentioning. It's coming on Christmas and the much hoped for Santa Claus rally is due - one that has been good for an average 1.4% gain during the period of the last five days of the year and first two of the New Year since 1969 according to the Stock Trader's Almanac. But if it fails to appear, watch out. History has not been kind to stocks in the years following a Santa Claus rally miss.