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Features of YL360 Server
Product Positioning:
For small and medium enterprises, education and other industry applications, RDP host scene server applications.
Core Computing Platform:
Support for new platform Intel庐Xeon庐 Broadwell-EP E5-2600 V4 System processor.The new 14nm process is introduced for the first time and is compatible with E5-2600 V3 series downward.The maximum support for one CPU in the whole machine is 18 cores, the single-core processing speed and virtual machine efficiency are also greatly improved, and the measured performance increases by 44% compared with that of E5-2600V3 multi-cores.
Strict Structural Design:
For hard disk bits, there are two 3.5-inch disk bits and two 2.5-inch SSD hard disk bits. The installation of SSD effectively educes the vibration of the housing caused by noise during operation adn is more effective in silencing the housing. The panel uses oil injection treatment, simple and durable, composed atmosphere. There is no side penetration design, but the coverage of thick steel plate, in order to ensure the overall electromagnetic shielding at the same time, the whole is also very practical.
Excellent Dissipation Performance:
The following is divided into a ventilation and dustproof design similar to the shutter design, which can be dismantled for easy cleaning. After opening, you will find that the front of the case has been equipped with 2pcs 120mm 9-blade silent fans.This case is equipped with a total of 3 silent fans, enough to dissipate heat, silent effect is excellent.
Excellent Mute Design:
The front plate, the top plate and the inside of the let and right side plates are covered with polymer resin sound absorbent cotton. This kind of polymer resin sound absorbent cotton is soft and resistant to high temperature, high density molecular structure can effectively reduce noise锛宎ctively absorb the vibration of the main chassis and fan noise. In addition, this material can absorb dust, easy to clean, longer use. At the same time,the chassis is designed with lower power, and the center of gravity moves downward to prevent resonance from quieter
This server can be for lean client, zero client and thin client.
E5-2649v3 (2.3G 10C20T)32256G2T5~15
E5-2678v3 (2.5G 12C24T)48512G2T16~25
E5-2696v3 (2.3G 18C36T)64512G2T26~35
Following is the Details Specification of our YL360 server for zero client:
Technical Specification
ProcessorSupport 1 Intel庐XEON庐Processor E5-2600 V3/V4 series, TDP鈮?45W
Memory TypeSupport DDR4 ECC 2666/2400/2133/1866MHz, Memory Voltage 1.2V (The operating frequency varies according to the cpu.
ChipsetIntel庐C612 series chipset
Slot and Capacity8 memory slots, expandable up to 1 TB memory; Support advanced memory error correction,memory hot standby and other advanced function
Hard diskOptional 4 pcs 3.5/2.5-inch hot pluggable hard disks avaiable for SAS, SATA, SSD drives.
Display system controllerIntegrated 128M video memory graphic
Optional collection into 1 or 2 pcs Intel庐 high-performance gigabit Ethernet CARDS support advanced functions such as virtualization acceleraion, network acceleration, load balancing, and redundancy.
CD-ROMOptional built-in ultra thin DVD-RW light
Extension Performance
I/O ExtensionSupport up to 3 PCI-E3.0 slots
Extended StoredOptional SAS HBA/SAS RAID/FCHBA Card
1xPS/2 Interface for mouse and keyboard
1pcs Fiber optic audio output
Case & Power
CaseTower Server Case
Accessories Included
Power LinAn international AC power cord
Physical Specifications
Size of Whole machine446mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 390mm(L)
Weight5 pcs hard disk models, the gross weight of the main engine is 10kg
Operating System Compatibility
O/SRedHatEnterprise Linux 5.7 32/64bit; RedHatEnterprise Linux 6.1 32bit/64bit;
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.2 32bit/64bit;
Yulong CloudV
Yulong CloudS
Broadcasting, Education, Fiance, Government, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment and other scenarios.
Q: Any certificate for exporting?
A: Yes, our products have passed following certification:Server For Microsoft RDS Producer

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