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Product Description
Thin Slab Cutting Machine is another named Thin Slab band saw cutter,it is design to cut a slabs at horizontal slicing way.Nowadays,composite slab materials is getting more and more popular in our house decoration.It is a kind of construction material which combine two different materials into one slab,the surface material is nature stone,body is ceramic tile,stone,glass or aluminum etc.This thin slab has many features like light weight,strong and high impact resistance,low pollution and environmental, less color difference,easy to install etc.When this materials is produce by thin slab cutting machine,it can be installed on many places in house decoration,this thin slab materials can be applied for windows, tables, floor and door etc.
Before you can get a high quality composite slab,an important job is install the thin slab cutting machine. Here i will share something about how to assembling this machine.Fir we need to make the foundation, this is basic work for nearly all stone machine installation.After we make the cement foundation,we will need to wait for one or two days for cement dry.After the cement is getting dry,we will put the machine table on the concret ground and stick it with screw.This is most important step,if something wrong in this step,the thin slab cutting machine will not make precision cutting.After this step,we can make the cable connection,we will send electric drawing when customer buy thin slab slicing cutting machine from us. When all is finished,we will need some machine oil,we will need about 15 liter of oil for thin slab cutting machine,and replace new oil after two or three months later.
Product Details
Product Specifications
Max Cutting widthmm1650
Travel Heightmm80
Power of main motorKW7.5
Total Powerkw8.5
Max. cutting thicknessmm160
Blade Thicknessmm6
Water consumptionm³/h3
Weightkg2500China Band Saw Machine

Posted 05-13-2020 1:34 AM by wgriffin
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