Commercial Vacuum Sealer Bags factory
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Our Factory
The company is located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province - China's printing and packaging city, the existing plant area of 2000 square meters, a set of production, design and sales in one of the Internet-type production plant, the company introduced advanced technology and equipment, the full high-speed machine contains: fully automatic blowing film machine, automatic press, bag machine more than 10 units, Nissan bag 1 million According to customer demand for the production of a variety of specifications of products. Products include food packaging, personal care supplies, pet food and other related industries. The existing team of more than 20 people is fully capable of production. And the use of environmental protection and dust-free purification workshop production, according to the country's existing food packaging production standards, with FDA, LAFG, BPA free, (EU) Food-grade certification and so on. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiations.
Our Product
Plastic packaging products, leisure food packaging products, meat food packaging, texture vacuum bags, pattern vacuum bags, food vacuum bags, high-temperature cooking bags
Product Application
Food Vacuum, Food Compression, Food Preservation, Home, Supermarket, Commercial,
Embossed vacuum bag Pre-cut vacuum rolls bubble bag, Cushion Packaging Bag Cylindrical bag  
Our Certificate
QS,LFGB,FDA,BPA free,(EU) Food grade
Production Equipment
2 embossing machines, 5 three-sided seals, 5 rollsCommercial Vacuum Sealer Bags factory

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