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Suitable for all kind of paper tube / paper can production. Such as package tin, tea caddy, food cans, wine cans, fireworks tube, calendar tube, fax paper core, etc.
Technical ParameterControl system
Number of roller3-8 layerPLC controllerDelta DVP14SS2
Tube diameter50-200 mmTouch screenMCGS TPC7062
Tube wall-thickness0.5-5 mmTransducerYASKAWA 5.5 KW
Core mould fixed wayFlank chuckElectric partCHINT
Winding head2Single partSHHG
Cutting wayRound knifePneumatic partAIRTAC
Gluing waySingle / double sidesFix length wayOptoelectronic switch / encode
Operator1-2 personEquip device
Winding speed3-30 m/minPaper shelf typeIntegral reel stand
Speed controlTransducerAuto fall tube shelfHave
Driving systemGlue shelfHave
Main motor5.5 KWBelts2
Reducer typeWPDO155Core mould2
Cutting motorStepper motorCut up-down controlY lead screw+ stepper motor
Glue pump750 WCut left-right controlZ lead screw+ servo motor
Mainframe size & Weight
Mainframe size4200*1800*2000 mmWeight3000 KG
Area space11000*8000 mm
*Make sample paper tube core
If it's necessary according to your requirements, we can make sample paper tube core for your reference.
*Free machine adjustment before shipment
Our technical team will adjust the machine based on customer's request and take video to send to our customer to show the running condition of the machine.
*Free Training CD to ship with machine
Our technical team will provide a trainning CD to our customer in order to train how to use the machine.
*Life Long after sale service
Our factory will provide life long service, in order to help our customer to solve any problem regarding to the machine, such as replacement part, technique questions, etc.
*Overseas door to door service
Our engineer overseas door to door service is available.
*Warranty and after-sales service
One year warranty, 24 hours online technical service and solution can be offered.
Use And Operation
1. First install the paper tape in the steel pipe, into the left and right wooden trays, lock ring positioning. Then put them on the paper-shelf, pull out the end of the tape, both sides are optional, put on the upper and lower plastic tractions and through the fence section.
2. Let the paper tape file into the glue shelf and into the glue tank. Press the compression, so the paper tape steep in the glue. And use the drawknife in the tank to scrape the paper tape smooth.
3. The paper tape into the third stage. The positioning frame through the machine need idling 1 to 2 minutes before starting. First roll the outer and bottom of paper tape into the paper wrapping. Because the outer and bottom paper tapes do not coat with glue, then roll into other tapes, the thickness of layers according to the paper tubes.
4. Around the belt and the mandrel of the winding, paper tape into a spiral state, from a single tape slowly shaped into a paper tube.
5. The first belt is used to shape the paper tube. And the second belt is main used to compress and solid the paper tube.
6. After the paper tube forming ,the machine itself can cut the tubes according to the length you set. The machine has 80 function settings. You can set machine running conditions and any multi-point operation or remote control. Dual Infrared positioning the cutting process, the host automatic transmission automatic reply to make a more precise degree of incision formation, and performance is stable.China Paper Cup Lid Making Machine factory

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