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Non woven fleece backed single sided self adhesive butyl rubber tape is an exclusive laminate of Non woven fabric, rugged, cross-linked polymer films, and a thick layer of butyl rubber. The butyl compound adheres to most surfaces and seals around most punctures, forming a protective waterproof barrier. A high-quality release liner is applied to protect the adhesive surface until installation.
Non woven-butyl is used in wet areas for waterproofing under tiles, especially in places where there are cracks, joints etc. It can be covered with tile adhesives or brush-able waterproofing materials.
*Non woven is paint-able,compatible to coatings,paintings,adhesives,lime mortar,etc.
*No melt in hot weather or harden in cold weather
*Anti-UV and aging. Long service life
*Eco-friendly, No toxic or odor.
*High tack and good adhesion.
*For roofing, waterproofing, patching and repair
*Adheres directly to roof deck or substrate
*Easy to install, low cost and labor saving
Model97 Series
Aluminum layerSliver,white,blackish green, brick red
Butyl Rubber Black,Grey, off-white
Roll Width5cm,10cm,15cm,20cm, max 100cm
Roll L eng th5m, 10m, 15m,20m,30m
Weight 1.7KG/m虏 at 1.0mm
PackingShrink wrap+carton
Supply ModelTape, Jumbo roll MembraneButyl Tape suppliers

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