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Company Introduction
Dean Technology focuses on finding the practical solutions for police officers and traffic wardens. Our main products include: Body Worn Cameras; Radar Speed Testing Equipment; Traffic Anti-collision System; Breath Alcohol Testers and other traffic management systems. Our products have been used by the Chinese Public Security Bureau, Road Transport Bureau, Mining, Harbor officials and other similar organizations. Dean Technology has been certificated by the Quality Management System ISO9001-2008.
Dean Technology empowers police officers and traffic wardens in their jobs. Our products are specifically made to operate in situations of heightened tension and danger. We provide our customer with products that guarantee safety, confidence and all round support. We make your jobs better and easier by supplying you with the tools you need and want to work well. For nearly a decade we have designed and produced advanced security equipment; in close partnership with the police officers and traffic wardens who use them. We are the market leader in China, our systems are used by the majority of Chinese police forces, as well as in mining, for harbor officials, local government and private security firms. Our approach is to work closely with customers and to make sure they have the best possible experience with our security equipment. We concentrate on building long-term and effective partnerships.
Company ImageFlashlight Radar Speed Camera in stock

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