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Shampoovolume: 50ml
fragrance: verbena
color: yellow transparent30017.0Kg5000
Bath Lotionvolume: 50ml
fragrance: verbena
color: orange transparent30017.0Kg5000
Conditionervolume: 50ml
fragrance: verbena
color: beige30017.0Kg5000
Body Lotionvolume: 50ml
fragrance: verbena
color: white30017.0Kg5000
White Soapweight: 30g round
fragrance: rose
color: white50017.0Kg5000
Dental Kittoothbrush: PP material, 10g, white bristle
toothpaste: 6g LMZ50013.0Kg5000
Shaving Kitrazor: white Dorco double blades
shaving cream: 10ml50011.5Kg5000
Combmaterial: PP
net weight: 16gram
type: foldable50014.5Kg5000
Shower Captype: strip shape
thickness: 0.018mm  
diameter: 26cm10007.0Kg5000
Sewing Kit6 color threads, 1 needle, 1 safe pin, 2 buttons, golden cardboard10006.0Kg5000
Vanity Kitcontent: 2  cotton pad, 4 cotton buds(plastic stick), 1 nail file10007.0Kg5000
Sanitary Bagthickness: 0.03mm  
color: white , without Logo10005.5Kg5000
Shoe Mittmaterial: cotton cloth
color: white10007.5Kg5000
Loofah Scrubbermaterial: natural loofah
size: 100*145mm50017Kg5000
Paper box packing250 gsm specific paper box with, 1 color logo printing
RemarksThe color and fragrance of cosmetics can be customized, and the dry amenities products also. can be adjusted and customized according to customer’s requirement.
China Hotel Amenity manufacturers

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