Is The Price Of Gold Going Ballistic?
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This past Friday, April 29th, 2016, GOLD entered its “first phase” of its new long-term bull market. This has created a whole new world of opportunity, for my subscribers. The global Central Banks opened the floodgates encouraging us to go on a gold buying spree.

The Government Is Like an Unethical Banker Playing Monopoly

What the government has been doing and continue to do is such a joke. In Laymen’s terms, it’s like all of us playing the game Monopoly. We all start off with some money, slowly accumulate properties, rental income and build wealth, while closely managing our money and making sure we have enough cash on hand to buy more properties and/or pay rent and other fees as we move around the board. We are honest players paying our debts as required and expected.

Then there is the banker, who helps with the transactions of paying fees, rents, properties etc.

Unfortunately, the banker is also a player at the table (banker = Government). This banker always happens to be the worst/dumbest/unethical player one could ever be forced to play with.  

Posted 05-02-2016 1:07 PM by Chris Vermeulen