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  • The Successor to Keynes

    By Jeff Thomas, International Man Europe is abuzz with Capital in the Twenty-First Century by French economist Thomas Piketty, released in Europe in March of this year and now a best-seller. It has since crossed the Atlantic and is already the number-one best-seller for booksmith Amazon. It has been...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 05-20-2014
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  • Puerto Rico’s Stunning New Tax Advantages

    By Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor, International Man Chances are that you have heard something about the stunning new laws in Puerto Rico that give unbelievable tax benefits for mainland Americans who move to the island. Benefits that are so incredible that many at first thought they were simply too good...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 05-13-2014
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  • Collateral Damage: What You and Monica Lewinsky Have in Common

    By Dennis Miller Collateral damage can assume many forms—and though some may be more newsworthy than others, the latter are no less real, nor any less frightening. On Tuesday, controversial radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh called Monica Lewinsky “collateral damage in Hillary Clinton’s war on women...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 05-12-2014
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  • How a Big Cat Started Europe’s Addiction to Oil

    By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist On July 1, 1911, a German gunboat named Panther sailed into the port of Agadir, Morocco, and changed history. For the previous two decades, a faction within the British Admiralty had called for the navy to switch from coal-fired ships to ones powered...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 05-07-2014
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  • Time to Admit That Gold Peaked in 2011?

    By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst Have you seen this “real price of gold” chart that’s been making waves? Among other things, it purports to show the gold price adjusted for inflation over the past 223 years. Notice the 1980 vs. 2011 levels. The chart makes it seem that...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 05-06-2014
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  • Kitchen-Table Economics

    By Dennis Miller What is it about retirement that causes confident, successful businessmen and -women to lose that edge when they invest their own life savings? Many otherwise dynamic people become virtually impotent in the face of retirement investing. I have many friends who were very effective in...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 04-29-2014
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  • Meltdown America – Are You Prepared For the Coming Collapse?

    By Casey Research “I think we are in the early stages of the end of the West,” says Jeff Opdyke of The Sovereign Investor in an eye-opening new documentary from Casey Research called, “Meltdown America.” This free, 28-minute video gives you a sober look at the coming collapse...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 04-23-2014
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  • Puerto Rico Is the Only Way to Escape US Taxes

    By Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor, International Man When I hear about strategies that purport to legally allow US citizens to avoid having to pay income taxes, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that it is some sort of cockamamie scheme. This is because the US government is no slouch when...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 04-22-2014
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  • 10 Ways to Screw up Your Retirement

    By Dennis Miller, Senior Editor, "Miller's Money Forever" There are many creative ways to screw up your retirement. Let me show you how it’s done. Supporting adult children. My wife Jo and I have friends with an unmarried, unemployed daughter who had a child. Our friends adopted their...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 04-21-2014
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  • Escape the Toy Trap

    By Dennis Miller The toy trap: we all have friends who’ve fallen in. I received a wave of emails after publishing Debt: The Last Social Taboo? , all sharing similar sad stories. Author Dave Ramsey summed up the problem best: “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 04-10-2014
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  • Peter Schiff Goes to Puerto Rico

    By Nick Giambruno It’s been a little over a year since I sat down with Peter Schiff at his house in Connecticut to discuss the importance of international diversification. Since then, the options available to take protective measures have declined in many ways, especially as the destructive FATCA...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 04-09-2014
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  • Thin Your Waist to Fatten Your Wallet

    By Dennis Miller My doctor told me to lose weight. … I lost 10 lb. … I gained 10 lb. I’ve said those words to my editor Ann all too often over the last two years. Last month when I proudly announced that I’d bought new walking shoes to replace my old Nike Airs and had lost a...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 04-02-2014
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  • Juniors for Seniors: An Interview with Louis James

    By Dennis Miller Juniors for seniors… huh? No, I’m not referring to Junior Mints, but rather, junior resource stocks. I had the.privilege of interviewing Louis James, the chief metals & mining investment strategist at Casey Research. Louis is the editor of Casey International Speculator...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 03-21-2014
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  • Why Unemployment Rates Matter to Your Retirement

    By Dennis Miller My biological clock is ticking—as is yours and everyone else's. With each passing day, you are either moving closer to or further past the day you quit working full time. Baby boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day and will continue to do so for the next 17 years...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 03-13-2014
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  • Gold Is Seasonal: When Is the Best Month to Buy?

    By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst Many investors, especially those new to precious metals, don't know that gold is seasonal. For a variety of reasons, notably including the wedding season in India, the price of gold fluctuates in fairly consistent ways over the course of the year. This...
    Posted to Casey Research by Doug Casey on 03-10-2014
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