What to do with your XTO Energy; plus Monday Morning Chartology
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Have You Seen This?


   This Week’s Data


    Big banks are getting bigger (chart):

    Treasury debt and tax receipts (chart):



    Stimulus: which is better, lower taxes or higher spending? (medium):

  International War Against Radical Islam

The Market

    Whoever is buying stocks, it is not the individual (chart):

    Comparing gold rallies (chart):

    Gold is rapidly approaching its 50 day moving average (chart):

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       Monday Morning Chartology


    I was going to address the ‘ I didn’t run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street’ remark; but that has to wait on more important things like making money.

    This morning ExxonMobil (Dividend Growth Portfolio) made an all stock offer for XTO Energy (Dividend Growth and Aggressive Growth Portfolios).  XOM is offering .7098 shares for every share of XTO.  That is roughly a 25% premium. 

    If you own XTO you have two choices: (1) if you don’t own XOM and want to, then just hold on to your shares.  This will basically allow you to buy XOM at a discount. (2) if you do own XOM and don’t want to own more you can (a) sell XTO at the open this morning or (b) short .7098 shares of XOM for every share of XTO that you own.  From a pure investment return point of view (2) (b) is the best choice since there is a spread between the value of .7098 shares of XOM and the value of XTO.  However, you may not want or be able to short XOM, in which case you are better off selling XTO immediately.  The reason is that the risk arbitrage community will be all over this trade which means that they will be shorting XOM until the deal closes (current estimate in second quarter 2010) as long as there is spread.  That keeps downward pressure on XOM and hence the value of .7098 shares of XOM.

    Our Portfolios will be shorting XOM at the Market open this morning.

Posted 12-12-2009 5:10 PM by Steve Cook