We Need To Move Past Oil!
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Have You Seen This?



With not much stock market stuff to write about since I don’t want to recommend buying or selling this morning as we all should have our portfolios hunkered down and pretty much in place for a rocky and rough summer by now.  Sure, stock market aficionados can always fine tune their portfolios and do some long and short trading, trying to scalp some profits here and there while long term investors stand pat, but with not that much going on, please let me rant and rave a little about those people out there who are slow in moving forward on American’s vital energy issue.  And, don’t get me wrong, we all have to change our mindsets about energy and life in America and it will take everyone their own period of time since we’re all coming from different lifestyles, histories, jobs and places.  Still, change is a coming now – I agree with George Soros who writes he sees America and the world moving from an established order and certainty to great change and thus greater uncertainty -- and we’ll all have to adapt.  No problem for us Americans as that’s what we’ve always done;  we’ve always adapted to change well.


“Drill, drill, drill!”  I almost can’t believe Larry Kudlow on CNBC this morning.  That’s his mantra:  Drill, drill, drill.  OMG (Oh my gosh!)  I have to believe Larry, “a great American” no doubt and always bullish, is living on another planet or is somewhere back decades in time.  He just doesn’t get it!  But then I shouldn’t be so harsh on Larry.  Millions of American’s still don’t get it as well.  Though I’m delighted to see T. Boone Pickens gets it as he is now paying millions for TV ads publicizing The Pickens Plan, his idea to harness America’s wind corridor running north to south from Canada to West Texas, replacing natural gas as an energy source for cities and use that natural gas to power America’s vehicles. 


Anyway, Larry just will have to realize that economic growth isn’t the be all and end all.  Near term growth is just near term growth.  We really need long term, sustainable economic progress to make the US and world a more prosperous place.  And that switching from oil today, while a big burden now, is the best thing for us and for future generations to come.  Thus we shouldn’t be doing anything to drive down oil and thus gas prices today.  We need to leave them be because high and higher gas prices now will help drive America in getting off oil by creating profit in developing alternative power sources.  That more and more Americans see this already and those that don’t will soon wake up to this fact going forward, and are or will be willing to sacrifice for the good of the country.  And that this major change over – like moving to indoor plumbing, to railroads, to cars, to electricity in generations past – can be and should be done.  


So my major #1 point is that we don’t want to drill for oil any more!  Certainly not lift the moratorium on offshore drilling like President Bush has just proposed and Larry got all excited about.  Or go up to Alaska and ruin one of the last remaining unspoiled parts of our planet and home.  For what?  Temporary relief and to lower by a dollar or so gas prices now?  And then a few decades from now, when we use up that offshore and Alaskan oil, we’ll just have to address the same issue once again?


You’re not convinced?  You still want to know more reasoning why we shouldn’t drill for oil any longer?  Well, because we have to move beyond using oil as a power source.  That’s the bottom line.  We immediately have to start putting any and all plans in place now, today, to stop using oil and dirty coal as well.  Now, I know what some of you are thinking:  “Richard, get realistic!  That’s impossible.”  Maybe Larry Kudlow and George Bush 2 are thinking that too, that there’s no way to get off oil and coal.  But someone has to give them a (loving) slap across their cheeks and wake them up to coming change.  It is a total change of mindset but it’s happening here and all over the world.  It’s happening here with movies such as Wall E.  Lucy saw that movie with her granddaughter Elizabeth and says it make her more into a green believer.  And the influence that movies have is great, thus every kid who sees the movie will be left with the unconscious thought that they’d better live a green, clean, low carbon footprint life.


And, as I’ve consistently written since December 2006, I’ve noted a critical mass already built up supporting a change in how we live on this planet.  From scientists, to governments to large and small business alike, to venture capitalists, to individuals.  Supported by logic, the reasoning that using a cleaner energy source will:  (1) be a major, maybe knock out blow to global terrorism, (2) create millions of new jobs in the US and globally and thus spur the whole world into a new more prosperous phase and of course, be a big step forward in leaving Mother Earth at least as clean and healthy as we found it, just the right way to live.  Back in December 2006 as a result, I took my own advice to you all and started using 95% of my IRA account to just buy small allotments of any and all companies involved in inventing, using, working on alternative, clean renewable energy sources.  I’ve posited here time after time that fortunes will be made by those companies and individuals pursuing this same course.  Thus I’ve listed many times in this space as many companies involved in alternative power as I could find.  Solar companies, wind companies, battery technology, hydrogen tech, geothermal, thin film solar technology, energy savers, and on and on and on.  And I must say this strategy has worked.  My Ira has risen while the stock market has been on a slide for the last year now.


SCHWARTZ SUMMING UP.  Sure we still need oil and coal today and let’s find more where we can, where we’re already drilling.  But we need a new mindset in America and I see it as already occurring, already in place and inevitable that it’s going to change America and the world as we know now it.  Better to ride this incoming tide, open up our minds to new thinking  by ourselves rather than have it forced down our throats.  Some will not see this major change coming or resist it, not being able to adapt to a new world ahead, but not so my readers, I hope.  There’s so much support already that there’s no going back so the sooner we all cross over to the other side of this vital energy issue the better.



Posted 07-25-2008 8:49 AM by Richard Schwartz