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Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?

GOLD VIEW.  It’s Time to Buy Back into GOLD!  I must say the gold chart looks ripe for a rally and the background economics are screaming rising inflation here in the US and all around the globe, so I would recommend buying back into gold.  Gold pulled back from its big Round Number of $1000 in almost perfect fashion for those of us like myself who believe Round Numbers are meaningful & insightful.  If you remember gold traded over $1000 an ounce for just two days, on Friday, March 14th and again on Monday, March 17th, found that it didn’t have enough buyers to propel it higher and promptly rolled over, sold off and said sayonara to $1000.  So it’s been down for the normal three weeks to three months which normally encompasses counterswing rallies to primary down trends .  Since then it’s bottomed at $852.70, then at $864.00 and then $877.90.  So it’s made a series of higher lows which is bullish.  And, as I mentioned earlier, all I see is rising inflation around the world, from here in the US to Europe to Asia to the developing world to the new “frontier” world.  Sensible because food and energy are soaring everywhere.


Schwartz View:  Since gold reversed direction around the “fateful weekend” when the Fed showed they were backstopping the whole financial system, it just makes sense that if the stock market rally which began around that same time is over or in its last throes, the other counterswings that began the same time may be over as well.  One such counterswing has been in gold.  So, I recommend buying gold today.


Like always let me recommend buying the gold bullion tracking stock, now called SPDR Gold Trust (symbol GLD) instead of the gold mining companies.  Buying GLD takes the added, now unnecessary risk of buying the gold miners themselves out of the mix.  Regular readers know I want to take that geopolitical risk out.  The recent risk that developing countries all want to renegotiate their contracts with all the mining companies including the gold miners.  (And who can blame them?)  They want better deals than which they made back when gold was at $250 an ounce.  Renegotiating would hurt gold mining  profits, so in spite of us having the right investment idea we could lose;  you know being in church but in the wrong pew.


Bottom line, I have to think with global wide inflation rearing its head for the first time in some 25 years, gold will surely benefit over the longer run.  And since we just pulled back, it’s a good time to get back in.  Thus I would buy a little gold here and buy more on weakness, paying close attention to the correct percentage exposure for your own circumstances and also  how much you buy each time in.  Overall through your gold exposure starting today should be much larger than the normal 3% to 5% exposure that many advisors normally and historically recommend.  It’s gold’s time to shine again after being out of favor for 25 or so years.  Be sure to get some as it should prove a great hedge against your long portfolio.


Disclaimer!  I own a little GLD and plan to buy more although please remember I can switch my views and thus my positions at any time.



Posted 06-04-2008 8:19 AM by Richard Schwartz