Green Energy Update: 12/04/2007
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Have You Seen This?

Have You Seen This?


The United Nations is sponsoring a two week conference on the island of Bali in Indonesia which kicked off yesterday. I’m hoping for big things but expecting much less as the US official position is still that cleaning up the environment is bad for business. This position began back in 2001 when President Bush came into office and abrogated the Kyoto Protocol (which was enacted to reduce global gashouse gas emissions). The ironic thing is that now big business wants regulations, it sees capping gas emissions as a business opportunity. Billionaire Ted Turner says cleaning up and capping man-made pollution is the "biggest business opportunity there’s ever been." And General Electric chief Jeffrey Immelt says business needs clarity in order to move forward on "green" investment decisions. In fact 27 companies have formed the Climate Action Partnership, including Chevron, Lehman Brothers, Royal Dutch and Dow Chemical pushing for a mandatory US carbon trading program. I’d love to see President Bush reverse his stance and come on board a global treaty. But I can’t expect it. On the plus side, the silver lining side, in terms of investing in green, clean, renewable, alternative energy technologies, the president’s obstinacy provides us with the always useful "wall of worry" to climb. In other words the clean energy stocks may keep climbing and climbing on skepticism until finally the US elects a new, more interested in cleaning up the planet president. And then we see a sell off on that good news. So we may have a long time for stock prices to climb in front or us. Schwartz Recommendation: All investors should have an long term position in alternative, clean, green energy!

Posted 12-04-2007 5:24 PM by Richard Schwartz