June 2009 - ProfitScore IQ

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  • Are You In The Top 5% Or Do You Invest Like Everyone Else?

    In This Issue:

    An Update on Our Performance
    A Perfect Timing Model
    The U.S. Dollar vs. the Printing Press
    Obama's War on Wealth Goes Global
    Assessing the Impact
    The Corporate Conundrum
    Putting Peter Out of Business to Pay Paul?
    Manure... A True Story
    Portfolio Performance Analysis
    Jack Leaves for Birdie School

    Is this a new bull market rally?  The S&P 500 index recently crossed over its 200 day moving average and has turned positive the for year.  The bad news today seems to be getting less bad than it has been over the past 12 months.  Optimism and hope about a recovery are flooding the mass media.  Are your feelings of "the worst is behind us" misguided?  I believe they are.