Uh Oh - China's Property Market
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    Have You Seen This?

    Have You Seen This?

    Is the bubble about to burst?

    "China Vanke - the country’s biggest property developer is slashing prices for its new properties by 20 per cent, according to reports in China Business News and the Shanghai Morning Post."
    FT.com/beyondBRICs, June 25, 2010

    Plus, this

    Posted 06-25-2010 1:02 PM by Vinny Catalano, CFA


    amee wrote re: Uh Oh - China's Property Market
    on 08-11-2017 6:26 AM

    China has a lot of internal problems. Inequality is one of their major problems as it breeds social unrest. Chinese people don't care about ideology today. The CCP has largely abandonded communism/socialism in favor naked capitalism & mercantilism. It's not about the revolution any more it's just simply making as much money as you can. The Party is supposed to the vanguard of the masses, but it's more like a rich club for the elite. It's not soclialism, it's oligarchical capitalism. The lack of basic human rights, no independent judiciary, no free media, pollution, land disputes, oppression of Tibetan/Uighurs, and the lack of political power of the masses are among the problems facing the Party every day. Social change is happening in China & the CCP won't be able to stop it. Gone are the days when Chinese people waived Mao's little red book & sang songs in praise of the Party/communism. Trust in the Party is evaporating. Few believe the propaganda anymore. The Party has been in power since 1949. It's clock is ticking.