About Mike Turner’s CycleProphet

CycleProphet - a quantitative disciplined, rules-based trading system utilizing fundamental, technical and time-cycle forecasting analysis

Mike Turner, the president and founder of CycleProphet, is an engineer by education and a highly successful entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the field of systems development and enterprise-level software applications, followed by 15 years in the field of finance and stock market strategies.

The investment decision-making process underlying CycleProphet is powered by the sophisticated software systems, designed and developed by Mike and his team of software engineers. Mike is the architect and originator of the algorithms and design methodology of this highly quantitative system.

Mike's financial, mathematical, computer science and engineering background serve as the foundation for his disciplined, rules-based approach to trading. He does not rely on instinct, gut-feelings, emotions, analyst opinions or hunches.

100% of the trades he makes are based on solid fundamental, technical and time-cycle based forecasting analysis where he utilizes his computer software system to scan the universe of stocks and ETFs to find the highest scoring equities that have the highest probability of success according to his quant-based algorithms.

In summary, Mike is a disciplined and formulaic trader.

In his book "10: The Essential Rules for Beating the Market," Mike details his proven methodology for picking the appropriate stocks at the appropriate time, holding those positions as long as they are making money, and timing the market for the best exit point. The objective of Mike's methodology is to think like a fundamentalist but trade like a technician. His book, published by John Wiley and Sons, encapsulates Mike's fundamental, technical and unemotional approach to trading. 

The trade-timing tools he has developed cover the gamut of time cycle market forecasting, fundamental analysis and technical trends of stocks, sectors, industries and entire markets. Mike utilizes his proprietary market-timing programs to tell him and his subscribers, when to be in the market and when to be in cash.

The CycleProphet system is a comprehensive set of trading tools and includes:

Market Forecaster: The Market Forecaster provides time-cycle forecasting charts for broad market and sector based tickers. These charts have nothing to do with the technical and fundamental analysis of the individual stocks. The charts cover 49 different indicators including indexes, commodities, countries, currencies and sectors along with futures and FOREX. 

Equity Forecaster: The Equity Forecaster is our time-cycle forecasting for individual stocks and ETF's. We give you control of the forecaster and let you choose the tickers that matter for you. You can look at our forecast for the next 90 days or look back and see how well we did by selecting a back-test.

Equity Analyzer: The Equity Analyzer screens stocks based on fundamental and technical research. The combined score number is what determines if the stock is a strong buy, buy, hold, sell, or strong sell. Just because a stock scores high enough to be a strong buy, does not mean Mike is adding it to his portfolio. Equity Analyzer covers 6,000 + stocks and ETF's.

Portfolios:  Currently CycleProphet has two, long-only portfolios you can follow: the CycleProphet Top 15 and CycleProphet Trades.  Subscribers can review the strategy and examine/follow the portfolio that best meets their investment style.

Free Trade of the Week: The CycleProphet staff managers select a minimum of one stock or ETF per week and notify subscribers via email when a new trade has been posted on the website. There is no charge for this service...that's why we call it the "Free Trade of the Week!"

"The CycleProphet Report by Mike Turner": Mike shares his insight and trading strategies each week in "The CycleProphet Report," an actionable, tactical report delivered straight to your inbox.  Mike provides you with time-cycle based forecasts of the market and gives you his exact trading strategies for the near-term.

You'll also have access to "Mike's Market Commentaries." In these online videos, Mike will provide his take on the market, what the time-cycles are forecasting, and the strategies he is following for the trades he is making in the market at that time. This is invaluable information that you will only get from Mike Turner.

* BONUS * - "The CycleProphet Report" and "Mike's Market Commentaries" are included free of charge with any CycleProphet paid subscription. 

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