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  • Ukraine: Three Views

    All eyes are on Ukraine as the drama continues to unfold. Today, for an early Outside the Box, I’m going to offer three sources on Ukraine. The first is a note that I got from the head of emerging-market trading at one of the world’s largest hedge funds. This is what he sent out last week, ahead of any real action:

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  • Geopolitical Journey, Part VI: Ukraine

    This week’s article comes from my friend George Friedman, founder of the intelligence company STRATFOR. In this stop on his trip through the Black Sea Basin, he explores Ukraine, a borderland that separates Europe and Russia.

    Imagine your nation torn between two completely unique languages, cultures, political systems - between East and West. I've always considered Texas a borderland, so I relate to a home that stands between two different worlds. With a geopolitical eye, the article methodically analyzes the history, current events and catalysts for options Ukrainians have about their nation now. Yet George also lends a personal touch as his family hails from this tumultuous region. This is a longer, but very pleasurable read. You’ll get your dose of geopolitics while enjoying George’s mosaic writing style.

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  • Global Trend: The Russian Resurgence

    If the Russian Bear has indeed emerged from its post-Soviet hibernation to regain global prominence, that means big things for your portfolio. From the punishingly obvious war with Georgia last summer, to the more subtle - but equally powerful - shut off of natural gas to Ukraine and Europe, Russia is making it abundantly clear that they want to be global players again. To get a read on how this is all going to play out, I turn to my friend George Friedman, the founder of global intelligence firm Stratfor....